Ma Grassland talking about the content and form of Blog

thought of the question, a word of encouragement and encouragement from a friend of mine: "your blog is going to be fine!" (this is a free translation). Before, maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it, because the main network effort was spent on With the Dragon Boat Festival PR update, the forum’s PR value reached 5, and the blog’s PR value has risen to 4. It’s not a small incentive. Therefore, determined to use limited network time to strengthen the construction of these two positions, especially the improvement of blog. The following is a brief talk about the content and form of Blogs:

, first of all, talk about the content of the blog, which is like the connotation of blog. Ma grassland blog’s position is "law and net", that is, law and network. Personal feelings and interesting things in life between individuals. "Website" all understand "content is king" reason, meaning namely only content is to attract the user and the basic king that grabs a client. Although the blog is small, although more private, but if you want to become bigger and stronger, you must consider the needs of visitors in time, focus on hot issues, adhere to originality. A blog can be considered as a personal window of the blogger to some extent, and if the blogger is an expert in some way, the blog can basically develop into a small, professional website. Well, it’s easy to conclude that visitors to such blogs are basically targeted visitors from the same industry. After the blog brand has been made, it can be used as an exchange platform and a personal brand. As a result, not only as an image display window, but also a good master of the opportunity to associate with the industry.

then, in the form, talk about what blogs need to be perfect, simplicity and luxury, and different styles for different authors. It seems more personal. Of course, choosing a style that you like and is good for the reader to read and accept is the best of both worlds. On the one hand, the style and style of blogs represent the interests and preferences of bloggers. On the other hand, pleasing images also greatly enhance the pleasure of reading. Moreover, if the blogger’s web design skills are superior, they can do their own DIY unique style. This further makes the blogger’s visitor have a strong sense of identity. As soon as you see your style, think of your blog. As soon as you see your blog, think of your style. This style is the unity of form and content of blog.


, whether content or form, is nothing more than a part of blogging, a form of expression for blogger’s personal style. This is like a person, the appearance of the first impression is very important, and the inherent self-restraint and balance. Since it is necessary to do personal marketing and promotion, then on the blog can not help but do some work. After all, in the Internet age, there is a unique independent blog, there is a high weight personal blog, identity and status do not want to go up, it is difficult to say,


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