Analysis and comparison of BTAUTO love card network

research background

automotive website is a large flow of Web site direction, general PV traffic is very high.

currently has two types, one is for the portal site sub channels appear, one is as an independent website, appear as the sub channel is often some of the big portal, a type of car subdivision independent website, also has a comprehensive bus station.

research purposes

choose some car website as the research site, the website content construction, website promotion, product function analysis, comparison and choice in several directions of automobile research search engine keyword analysis, analysis of these types of cars is mainly from what keywords.

traffic comparison,




website was established in 2000, the first listed auto company.

site search engine traffic is relatively large, accounting for 30% of the total traffic.

used Baidu’s Aladdin, and the cost has risen to $20 million in 2012.

pricing system is an advantage, the country’s more than 10000 4S stores, there are more than 17000 customers.

content, quantity and distribution

model library, a total of 139 car brands, 927 car department, about 9890000 articles, 460000 questions and answers, 315000 BBS post


models, pictures, videos, reviews, guide, quotation, market, dealer, quiz, reputation, maintenance, second-hand car, forum, driving and other 14 categories, in the 341 National City station has 17549 national distributor

other content organization form

has tag system, probably 170 thousand of keywords, 95000 of the hot words

station function and module settings


search engine optimization,


love card network

website was established in 2002.

site search engine traffic, in general, occupy 22% of the total traffic.

automotive forum is its strongest advantage, more young people, and the content of the forum is more active,

content, quantity and distribution


model library has a total of 120 car brands and 756 car

probably has about 719000 articles, 5840000 >