Local home improvement industry portal operating line activities is the key

this Internet entrepreneur (stationmaster) general assembly, Xianning hot line regards Xianning area as the only special guest unit to attend a meeting, real feeling feels honoured times. At the meeting, Internet entrepreneurs from all over the country shared their real experience without reservation. For the webmaster of these small cities, we really benefited greatly. Especially the local vertical industry portal this one, many Montana have come up with their own means. The author analyzes several key current domestic local vertical industry, real estate, home, marriage, cars, travel, personnel of these industry profit model is relatively straightforward, operation methods also have a copy of the place, and thus become the focus of competition for the local area, so the author today to discuss with you the operation method. Local Jiezhuang industry portal.

since April, I have started to operate the Xianning hotline home improvement channel (Xianning hotline home improvement network), has been focusing on doing offline activities. Although the online content, popularity is on the one hand, but from the fundamental profit to consider, offline activities is the key. Specific methods of operation are as follows:

one, website offline publicity,

for local home improvement industry portal, how to make a certain brand, make influence and reputation, is undoubtedly the first step in the development of the site. Many places, home improvement industry portal most of the existence of a common problem: the site only pay attention to online marketing promotion, do SEO ranking what, but under the line propaganda not pay attention to. In fact, this way, for the website itself, lost some trust, just through the online description of some of the introduction, you can let other people trust your site


since the author took over the Xianning hotline home improvement network, the first thing to do is to do a lot of offline publicity and promotion, through accumulation, bombing promotion, make a certain brand influence. Xianning hotline home improvement network as a subsidiary of the Xianning hotline, the initial development of the Xianning property network mainly rely on the accumulation of customer resources, in a very short period of time gathered a group of loyal customer resources.

online publicity, mainly to do three things.

is the first in the city’s major building materials City, decoration company’s regional business editor daily non-stop run news, do store information and interview, we of course this piece of video cameras, SLR, recorder and other specialized equipment are equipped with, this will give people very professional feeling. By doing this interview information, a very fast web content as enriched, also the nature of the relationship with the decoration companies, building materials suppliers, customers well.

second is to various projects to negotiate on the website advertising banners and other publicity, because we Xianning real estate network and various projects have long-term cooperation, our home channel is very easy to use on this piece of resources very easily in various projects of our free delivery of home network advertising.

third is a flyer line. For local industry websites, I >