APP operations how to find target users improve retention

for start-ups, when a product starts operations at the beginning, if there can be explosive growth, dreaming will laugh. Although it is difficult, if you can have a good start, who do not want to draw the cake bigger, have a more healthy business blueprint to become the industry benchmark, then the next question is how to keep users. This article will analyze how the start-up company does the operation from two aspects: how to find the target users and how to retain the users.


product growth: find accurate target users

how to find the target user is the first step in product operation. Well, first of all, to sort out the mainstream culture of the product, such as fast food, then your customers may be moderate income users, these users can age 80, 90. They has independent value, more realistic than ideal, dare to challenge the authority of information dissemination network media has a high absorption, so it is sensitive to the network, a variety of community is a hotbed of dissatisfaction vent, or calm or literary or funny than etc..

calm, from a variety of information, it community find, literature and art from the watercress find, funny than stick it, Tianya look for. In short, select the target users get together to find the place on the right. Maybe you will ask, now the mainstream smart mobile phone is not 80, 90, no matter what the product can follow this logic to find user ah, yes, so the next thing to do is to find the precise target users from the target user.

or take food for example, when you find a lot of potential target users, you will find that the ordering demand is very frequent, such as a single dog, the depth of the house ordering a higher frequency, so that user acquisition costs less, is only when cooking before ordering, this type of user demand less, the acquisition cost is higher than the first class, there is a class of workers, this kind of user needs most frequently, so this kind of user access to the relatively low cost. Then enterprises can choose to obtain lower cost target users.

so the next step is how to grow users. "The first seed of a product is very important because they are closest to the product and may be a provider of quality products for the future," Wang said. Just to find the target users of your product to find the appropriate position, but it does not mean that they will "set", so this step is how to let these users become your


in addition to some online toll free app stores, the most active places for operators are some communities, forums, and so on. However, since there are social factors, you can not let people download it. Why?. So we have a forum to be active, such as bedding, hire the navy in the forum by sub irrigation, cited topic, gossip, small family disputes, to talk about social phenomenon. There is always one point that everyone is interested in. After the topic was established, the brand was introduced gradually