How to do a monthly income of over million County Talent Network

I contact network 3 years operation, talent network for 3 years, from scratch, from there to the food and clothing, from food and clothing to the well-off, has reached a monthly income of 5000, of course, is the average, website operators like business, is also a season of points. Summary from the local situation, the annual 2, 3 and April is the peak season, 5 and June is the off-season, 7 and August is another small climax, 9, 10 and November in general, December and second January is off-season. Said above is to tell everyone, do anything serious, to study, to explore and grasp the law, we adjust the marketing idea, make the off-season, the season more prosperous, so thousand not far behind. Thousand Funing talent network goals and directions for the next two years. One cannot live without money, but without money, one cannot live. So we are not so great, to do selfless dedication, talent collection of high-level members of the cost is reasonable, but also for the majority of enterprises accepted. The key is that your website is popular, enterprises in your website can recruit people, as long as they can recruit people, money is not a problem.

below specific talk about my three years of some operation experience, it is to throw a brick.

1. Choose a good market and be a professional website. Some people like to do stand group, our city has 8 counties and cities, some people suddenly made 8 talent nets, and then data sharing, looks very lively, in fact, no practical results. Why? Because the enterprises choose the county talent network, he just wants to recruit local people, if he wants to recruit foreigners if he can be the best local municipal talent network, or he would like to recruit more advanced professional talents, he will be on the Chinese, excellence, and other national websites. So, how to choose the market, it can be said that now each county has a talent network, and there are many home. Then you do it through a full range of analysis and find the least competitive one. Funing talent network 3 years ago, there are such opportunities, you can say that when I operate, there is no local full-time operators of the network, are some of the two domain name, or do some of the stations hang some garbage. Well, is there any chance now? This question should be analyzed by yourself. I believe that opportunities will always be there. Do you have any unique eyes?.

two, select a good program, do a good job of user experience. Here involves some of the professional knowledge of the station, I am not an expert, do not want to talk about. What you want to say is that once you have chosen the program, do not change it at will. Have a friend made a neighboring county talent network, just a little improvement, he changed the program, causing all have to start over, The loss outweighs the gain. My talent network procedures, if from a professional point of view, is really a broken program, the past three years, has also wanted to change, but because of various reasons have not changed, but fortunately did not change. Although the program has not changed, but the user experience this, 3 years have been working hard to perfect, a few days ago also made some local adjustments. The adjustment is based on user feedback. Users are God, collect money, do not receive money are. >