B2B’s profit model and company architecture

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before the "bright future" B2B vertical portals, in that article a detailed interpretation of the prospect of ideas for the operation of B2B website, here but more elaborate, today want to share with you is B2B website profit model and the structure of the company. We hope to help,.

, first look at Wei Zhe four points of view, interpret B2B:

1 and B2B can not be understood as businessmen to businessmen, should be understood as businessmen to businessmen. It’s hard for you to get an enterprise to come to your website every day, but you can have a businessman come to your site every day.

2, the transaction does not distinguish between B2B and B2C, only large, medium, small. Commodity trading has two characteristics: first, the customer requirements of personalization (such as payment terms, delivery conditions, etc.), and two is the confidentiality of transactions. The characteristics of privacy based on the B2B platform should be considered is that "there is no build a private channel to realize the safety of both parties, to prevent competitors posing as buyers find sellers to buy


3, the enterprise is best not to do their own platform, but can be handed over to third parties to do. Enterprises should make full use of different platforms, such as video camera platform, video platform, communication platform and so on.

4, to e-commerce, rather than e-commerce. Wei Zhe believes that B2B should be considered from a business point of view rather than from an electronic perspective. Many B2B business plans now eliminate electronic components without business models. But if B2B’s business plan takes the direction of "e-business", it will be interesting. The key is to find a bottleneck in business and then solve the problem.

Wei Zhe more than four points from the operational thinking to B2B understanding, website operation thinking, specific to the specific operation finally gave us a detailed answer, then the key problems of the B2B website how to profit? I think this is also a lot of B2B operators are most concerned about the problem of


A5 Network Training Institute believes that compared with the traditional B2B profit model, the new vertical industry profit model has five points:

1. competitive ranking: that is, customers through the search product rankings, the general ranking of the more up front, enterprises can also get more trade opportunities.

2.: membership fees membership fee to do the technical development, service users and derived certain value-added services, according to the special nature of the industry to dig the needs of customers, and provide targeted value-added services.

3. line services: mainly including exhibitions, periodicals, seminars and so on. Through the exhibition, suppliers and buyers face to face communication, the general small and medium-sized enterprises still prefer this way. Periodicals are mainly about industry and information, and advertisements can also be placed in periodicals.

4. business cooperation: including advertising alliance, government, line >