How can the group buying model be profitable and attract investment


buy class website in 2011 after a blowout development, in 2012, it entered the "year of life and death"". Currently, buy site differentiation two increasingly serious, one side continues to be sought after by the capital, while the collapse is facing financing shortage. Group purchase reshuffle soon, this article from the investor’s point of view to analyze the future industry group purchase is going to develop? It’s value and profit model can get rid of the burn by way of self revolution to achieve breakthrough innovation


buy industry current status

for a long time, the state of the group buying industry can be described as "too many fish in the same pond, and everyone is lacking oxygen."". From the large domestic independent group purchase navigation site 800 network data show that: as of the end of November last year, which in a sample of more than 1000 group purchase website, only 317 websites of product updates in a month, which means that there are more than 7 of the group purchase website survival worrying.

group buying industry financing

statistics show that from 2010 to the end of 2012, there were 43 investment events in the group buying industry, and the total amount of investment was about $719 million. Among them, a total of 20 investment in 2010, the investment amount of about 140 million U. s.dollars; in 2011, a total of 15 investment, investment amounting to about 534 million U. s.dollars; in 2012 only 3 investment, the investment amount of $45 million. Less than 1/10 in 2011. The number of investment and financing is obviously decreasing.

, a capital driven industry, definitely not,

group buying is a business model that involves three parties: businesses, group buying sites, and customers. In this chain of interests, each side wants to benefit by group buying. Entrepreneurs can not be employed by capital, many entrepreneurs rely too much on capital.

case one

The only

impact on the NASDAQ to handle network in IPO last year after investors reconciled crashed, in April last year, once again push IPO handle. At that time, Groupon in the Wall Street into a profit dilemma, stock plummeting. The only successful domestic IPO electricity supplier, is also listed immediately after breaking. After the failure of forced listing, founder of handle net Wu Bo left.

as investors handle Jinsha River brought into the handle of the first round of $5 million financing, followed in December 2010, April 2011, to continue to participate in the two round of financing, this round of financing for a total of completed more than $160 million in financing. Jinsha River venture capital fund partner Zhu Xiaohu is not reconciled, the key is how to do the company, handle the restart IPO, the capital market needs to improve.

case two

capital, as an invisible promoter, has a comprehensive impact on the company’s existing strategy. Public comment >