How to maintain the consistency of visual design of commodity websites

‘s consistency in design (uniformity) is an important part of web design that allows your design to communicate effectively without causing confusion or anxiety. An effective way to ensure consistency is to write formal design style standards documents, commonly known as visual specifications. This document specifies the design guidelines that must be followed in the graphical user interface design of a product or series of products. By following these guidelines, keeping the visual elements in the same size and size will help make these elements easier to assemble into a new design when you need them.


site is sometimes be temporary or independently established, their visual design consistency has been got in a disastrous state, generally has the following two problems:

(1) internal consistency problem. That is to say, different design methods are reflected in two different parts of the website.

(2) the question of external consistency. That is to say, different design methods are reflected in different products of the same company.

here, we explore one aspect of this topic, namely, the internal consistency of the same product or topic page in a shopping web site. The problem of "internal consistency" is based on a deep understanding of the framework of the web. First, determine the design elements appear repeatedly may have on the website of each interface, navigation, information design in different environments, and then try the independent design of these elements, then the whole design scheme is applied to the whole website, then make the appropriate adjustments when needed.

, but this is only the first step. You’ll find that even if you do this, the page can still be cluttered. Let’s take a look at this example:


This is the Alipay

WOW! The sea channel purchased the latest online home page, navigation, buttons and other design elements have been standardized, my task is to put it to rest some neat.

in view of the history of the Korean shopping website and the design industry, I’ve searched the major Korean shopping websites and we’ll see how they did it:

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