How to build your career on the nternet 2

we’ve made an outline here, and the next thing we’re going to talk about is what’s going on around the outline. What we’re going to talk about today is how the website is conceived.

we know that a career is to have a goal, not blindly recklessly, like the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, its goal is for the majority of owners has more money making ideas, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan can express their slogan is: to learn as A5, for the station service. Build a website, advance planning is very important, I here plan does not allow you to write the business plan, at least I think it is not what help for a personal webmaster, you have to do is to calm down and imagine, why should I build the station, I built the site is what or what to originality, than the similar website is excellent, can attract users, how to realize the profit after the establishment of the website, we all know the website promotion largely determines the success or failure of this website, you have not thought about how to promote the website? About the idea of the website, in memory, I sent this article on A5, in order to more people can learn, I say here again:

1. site positioning problem, what is your website’s most core resources? Or what is your core resource? Many people do not really understand, do not understand what is the core resources in the competitive strategy in this is a big problem, I am here for those who do not know the person to say, the so-called core resources that you have that others do not have, or others without you, without you, here I give some examples about it, this is the core resource of Laden he has a group of loyal to their own hands, so he can ignore the world rampant, core resource of is that he is the first to do site navigation, core resource is that he can help the webmaster trading intermediary, and the core resources of to be able to give you a published article, and provide ideas for all these Wangzhuan, to a certain extent are the core resources.

2. a good idea, you should consider for your positioning theme, they are facing the same target group, hao123 is facing the Internet is not very good, A5 and 9Azz group is facing the webmaster, the reason why you think so because you want to targeted groups to develop outreach programs, combined with our analysis of the experience of the target group of the surfing habits, develop promotional programs, so bring users through search engines than bring less, such users are generally of high quality.

3. the above problems, you should consider the domain selection problem, now a good domain name has been registered almost, according to your position and target group selection has not been registered the domain name is that you have to think about the problem, about how to design a certain little skill in this me, maybe a few it will write the article, need can contact me QQ:73678>