Do B2B industry website homepage design establish good first impression

11 sections in this report in front of, I have B2B industry website page design into one element, with each color, navigation bar, title bar, content, advertising design, buttons, etc. from the search box frame, to do a systematic explanation. This section, I will from the overall point of view of the B2B industry portal home page design to do some narrative, to explain the different design elements applied to the home note. The general design method of 11 sections in the above already mentioned, will not repeat them here, readers want to know if the design method of each element in more detail, to see this report in front of 11 sections.

1, the overall style of the home page to conform to user habits,

B2B industry website overall style is very important, the user’s access, a large part is start from the page, even if the user from the search engine search page to the web site, if the user of the site of interest, and further understand the collection to this website, most visitors will visit the website homepage. The first feeling designer to let the user feel excellent web site and he frequently visited almost certainly also have their own characteristics, but not too big difference, to comply with the user’s habits, in the previous section detailed introduction.

designers want to refer to the industry’s best B2B industry portal, select about 20. Not necessary from the design style of the pursuit of much more new things new in order to be different, is, the greater the risk, perhaps some people are very recognized, others may not be recognized, if our level is not good enough, it is still the best. As a home page, more performance, design level work, or on the layout of the content of the layout is better, after all, users come to the site, or want to find more valuable content.

2 home page color analysis and examples of

B2B industry portal home page is not suitable for using a color gradient, and then match the black text. Although not flashy, but it also seems too monotonous, such as color method can be used as enterprise shops, personal space, thematic page design color scheme. Home color in general is to choose a color as the main color, and then choose 1 contrasting colors, combined with universal collocation color: gray and black to design better. For example, the Alibaba home page used only 3 colors: main color, orange, blue, and universal collocation color: black.


Alibaba home screenshot (screenshot date: 2011-10-5)

map (78) for the Alibaba home screenshot (screenshot date: 2011-10-5), from the picture can be seen, Alibaba used three colors of blue, orange, black. Generally speaking, no matter what color we use to make web pages, black is what we have to use and match with black and gray colors, basically all business portals