Compare the differences between GVOD and QVOD

know why QVOD fire, 1: can quickly make the film deposition of resources and realizing rapid watch 2: no competition risk 3: a lot of ethical resources for the use of its products website (direct point that is A) which is the most important point.

today to see GVOD looking for propagandist I joined the GVOD station, I suddenly thought, also talked about this and propagandist and QVOD competition method.

GVOD this waste most of the time with the staff to pull the webmaster to join, is actually not much effect, said the main reason for this truth is not afraid of resources speed, but it had a bad record, most of the webmaster is afraid of his road again, again across the river from the bridge.


GOUGOU is to flow into a lot of stationmaster temptation, even short-term interests or, anyway, is now a reality can make it, but for large QVOD existing stations, which do not have much crush on GVOD, but only to wait.

so how GVOD can really drive the stationmaster? You may not know why QVOD really quickly occupy the movie market! In fact as long as we carefully under the recent QVOD station will understand (before the whole metallurgical adverse wind station), that is the ethical film (A), 97BOBO for the first use of QVOD ban station, made a irreplaceable role for the development of QVOD, the station video format, let W can stand overnight with high-speed and stable resources (but before the cache one night is not necessarily can read a film, this time by the hotlinked) is no longer no pure station, is the ordinary station to see spring, down just a few months, was still watching the webmaster can not wait to complete the replacement of the QVOD film, then soon heard the fall of BOBO player, QVOD in The only competitor in the country is closing down,


after a few months of Thunder Thunder look on the line, it is thunder, the majority of users, quickly hit red Thunder look at the brand (day, night of thunder, Nora) movie hot thunder gave great passion, just over two months ago, news the thunder suddenly announced to enter the player market, released as QVOD function of the PSP player GVOD, to compete with the true QVOD, this time he is borrowed from the double offensive flow into thunder brand and GOUGOU, but it is the webmaster webmaster, their ideas will have electric fans and phase method is different, then try to GOVD news program in the quick decision small talk of the struggle..


thunder plan into the struggle, will soon make them into a floating dry mud, can not wait to start recording for joining each stationmaster, start staff very day for the webmaster initiative come to sell, but the real effect is visible to everyone.

actually beat QVOD>