Baidu fell in love with you so deeply

my first light card, I’m not Baidu’s support, but did not take the money, I was just a site of the small circle on the Baidu before his Lord, there are some bias, but through the collection of Baidu on my website, Baidu has enabled me to have a new understanding.

men’s ring ( is the most lonely when you feel hopeless to establish, at that time suffered after the breakup of the suffering, feel to do a good man to bear responsibility and pain, so I want to build a website, get more men to be here to express their the passions. Let everyone live more easily.

before that he had had a long time to consider the establishment of this thing, but that time is very confused, I do not want to wind down, build a stereotyped website, feeling unable to compete with them, so that she would not take the unusual way. I personally feel that the domain name is very important, both to reflect the content of the site, but also easy to remember, and they are very fond of a few were occupied, and their own pondering on the "men’s circle" (Men-Quan) this domain name.

did not build, I do not know the bitterness of the establishment. The domain name is solved, the space is also very important, because it is the content type of the site, but also have a lot of pictures, so the space can not be small, but he was not a lot of money, so the space around and consultation where high quality and inexpensive and stable, take a lot of detours. Not to advertise for them, but I think it should be said, for some people’s reference, I use the space is 92 shared.

what you have to say is when applying for yourself every day to fill up the contents of the website, they don’t want to study collection, though can reduce a lot of work on their own, save a lot of time, but also do a few are able to easily succeed. In determining the theme of your site, don’t change, insist on doing, manually add articles, some articles typos must be changed, not lazy, get the formatting neatly, make people look comfortable, don’t ignore these small details.

is perhaps because of their preparation work more fully, so in the collection to Baidu for only a week after the time can be ranked in the Baidu keywords man circle thirteenth position, their own in search of time is really unexpected, wanted to look forward from the last page. Always listen to a lot of people cry, tell how to be able to be Baidu soon included problems. Instead of racking your brains to study the rules of search engines, you might as well spend more time thinking about the creativity and content of your web site. Websites that are different and can be updated regularly will surely be noticed.

In stark contrast to Baidu, Google’s response to

was slow and did not know why. A lot more than half a year ago to update the row on the first page, many people always praise Google is made of technology, while Baidu is doing business, he did not feel what is reflected in where Google’s technology advantage, but through my website, I think.