As a novice Adsense in the end should be how to enter the network industry

may I write very plain, without any passion, but I write is true, is his own experiences, I think for those who want to enter the Internet industry newcomers, is a very good guidance and norms, sincerely hope for your reference.

as a webmaster, do not only want to learn dreamwear website, but also need to learn a lot of things, here, I’ll do a little bit of explanation, after all, I was just coming to the people.

first, image processing software must learn, I suggest seriously learn Photoshop, because it is indeed a great role, want to deal with a picture to find someone else, of course that friends do, I don’t think many people are willing to bother.

second, HTML code, this research must be deeply, not to say that all of the code are familiar, very familiar with the commonly used code to make it needs, you will know exactly how the role of the modified CMS, is also available open source program template, basically is the HTML code and DIV+CSS style, of course, then I’m going to talk about the problem of the DIV+CSS style.

third, in order to be able to quickly do stand more, take a good look at the DIV+CSS style, the deeper research, you will find more interesting, perhaps you will be a month without thinking, but suddenly one day you will click into place, just a big DIV+CSS accumulation.

As for

JS, whenever I feel the need to website can be found, the program is actually can use other CMS procedures, so as long as the master, who can make a very good site, there is a little of my suggestion, watch the SEO thing, because the future will transition.

things don’t depend on how you learn, but on how you practice and practice more. I believe everyone will make progress quickly.

above is my website of the new suggestions, maybe a lot of online articles, but really said so plain, I’m not clear, hope to have a reference value.

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say again, the Internet world is indeed very broad, but do not have a very easy webmaster, I wish you all in the network of the ocean, to find their own piece of the sky.