Analysis of local sourcing website how to find their lasting impetus


When the

website ranking stable in an ideal position, profit model has been ripe, the next station to do? This is actually much confusion, including me, because when we ran a goal had a sense of direction, have goals, do what feels really good. However, when the site development to a certain extent, we do not need to keep it every day when we seem to have lost power, don’t know what to do, but I can’t rest, lest they temporarily relax to the opponent an opportunity. In fact, this is the bottleneck of the development of the site, this time everything seems beautiful, but full of uncertainty, and we have to do at this time is actually very simple, is to find the eternal power of website development.

webmaster for their own construction, to promote the site to lay the foundation,

webmaster is the overall website operators, we grasp the direction of the site, we are concerned with the website every act and every move towards the future, so the construction of our own is often the first permanent power source site. At this time, only by strengthening our own construction, we can guarantee that the website has the possibility of continuous development.

first webmaster want to constantly improve their technical ability, because who are not on their own, only to understand key points of the website optimization, website development in order to control in their own hands, web site keywords ranking why down, snapshot why slow, what space is not open, these problems to solve, rely on others not long.

second is the webmaster to reasonable operation team, good communication with team members, because when things do seem perfect, we will have a rash mentality, this time between the members becomes exaggerated, each other is likely because of a misunderstanding and disband, so at this critical time to master good communication with members of their own ideas, can not be superior to others, especially this time, make any decision to go through your approval, because although they are the overall planner website, but the team is all launched.

third point is the expansion of webmaster connections. Although the Internet we do not know each other’s identity, but the real volume, we must rely on interpersonal communication, because the actual situation of their own website, the beginning must be based on local, and want to win over customers will use their own interpersonal relationships, when the website development to a certain extent, which has certain degree of awareness in the local after the owners have to think of ways to expand their network popularity, participate in industry website exchange, or get in touch with competitors, and they become friends, often make the website development upgrades.

perfect team building, increase power for website development,

The development of the site is not not essential part of the construction of the

team, when a team cohesion can make a web site in the site I had snatched from the jaws of death, the surplus.

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