Let video site pages to seize Baidu long tail keywords ranking

this is a method that my moonseo Research Center YY open class, because their class is free, open class is only in passing, but some things on their own grasp is very valuable, their founder mentioned to the flow of the video when introduce their web traffic sources. Just let it, see the page, what video brings, then quickly jumped, after I study and practice have found the feasibility of this approach, there are now many websites through this method as auxiliary promotion, specific methods described below under.

principle is very simple, high weight website inside pages, there will be a certain high weight, is equivalent to the blog mass. Here I have only done Youku, according to my observation, potatoes ranking effect is also OK, but the best is youku. This method is only suitable for long tail keywords, the premise is no one through this video station to do the same keywords, so say first, first popular. You can search in Baidu 115 from 115 115 circle extraction code several keywords, row in the front page of the YouTube video is all I do, Baidu ranked very high on the video website page, the basic can at least in the top 3, the worst will also appear on the first page.

below say specific practice, very simple, with Youku as an example, first registered account, this who will, not much to say. The video then is to find what you want to do, no video yourself or others, I have stolen video, such as I do is 115 SkyDrive, SkyDrive search my 115 videos on Youku, looking for a relatively small (small video file upload to download faster) your computer, and then through the registered account to upload video, fill out the information to. Talk about the specific points of operation, I do the key word for 115, extracted code Youku Video example.

video you downloaded to a computer to upload video, fill in the title keywords you need to do, fill in the introduction video, and fill in the keywords you do similar keywords to sign, classification and copyright pick, finally submitted video on it, said to the main local surface.

is the best choice to upload video between high video conversion rate will be very high, can also be made of their website video, this free play, because the search engine is not grab your video is what, he can only crawl to the title keyword and description. If not, suggest that the title only fill in what you have to do a keyword, and a video only a word, in fact, from several video easy, Youku audit is not strict, at least I haven’t failed in the video. Introduction to fill out the video, here you can put your website address, in addition to the description of the keyword, or site introduction, is the drainage of the place. Fill in the label is also very important, at least fill in one, that is, the title of your video, that is to do the key word, you can also add other phase >

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