Analysis of influencing factors of scoring system or two dimensional evaluation in evaluation system

[core prompt] what kind of evaluation method should be adopted for different types of evaluation objects?

in social, application download and business class website, often can see all kinds of evaluation system. They are the object of evaluation is different, such as watercress evaluation is to music, books and movies, Taobao’s evaluation is purchased for customer goods, evaluation of pea pods is for the user to download the App. But generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds of evaluation methods, such as scoring evaluation and two-dimensional evaluation (such as likes / dislikes, top / step, approval / opposition, etc.).

then, what kind of evaluation method should be adopted for different types of evaluation objects?

This paper studies the

Taobao, Amazon,, Jingdong, public comment, Zhongguancun online, watercress, Youku, most encyclopedia, know peace, Google Play and pea pods this several web sites are involved in the evaluation, the evaluation objects include: App, music, movies, books, video, electronic products, general merchandise answer, catering, and scripts.

, I found that from the evaluation of the complexity of the object, the value of the evaluation object, the number of participants in the evaluation, evaluation of the ease of operation and evaluation system design intention of these dimensions to analyze:

The complexity of

evaluation objects

evaluation object complexity should be better understood, is the main evaluation standard of complexity, for example, a piece of good evaluation is curious evaluation must be more than a movie is much easier (see Figure 1 and Figure 2), because the piece is funny on the top, not funny on the relative evaluation standard is relatively simple and direct, but the actor for the film is concerned, related to the film narration, acting, story highlights etc.. Especially for this kind of vertical class electricity supplier, because the user needs more specific, users need reference information more professional and meticulous, so set up different evaluation dimensions for different types of products. As shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, respectively,’s evaluation dimension for an eye care product and a health food setting.


The evaluation results on a piece of user

Figure 1 embarrassments encyclopedia, only the "top" and "shoot"


Figure 2 users in the watercress film evaluation results, including scoring and detailed distribution


Figure 3. Evaluation of eye care products by users


Figure 4 user in

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