Adsense service type website how to use soft text marketing promotion

network promotion topic no matter how it is still a commonplace talk of an old scholar hot discussion, the type of service here and push media network and we exchange website (IDC, webmaster software alliance, etc.) should be how to use soft Wen promotion. As we all know, there are two main channels for network promotion: hard wide and soft wide. Hard on the Internet is the advertising picture we usually see about products and services. General in the promotion before, to clarify their target customers, such as webmaster service type website face customer groups is the main station, in the process of promoting the first choice gathered in all kinds of webmasters place to do promotion, such as webmaster webmaster forum Webmaster Tools stand up information meter of various websites, such as the better known as A5 stationmaster net, can do hard wide publicity in the above, through hard Guangneng bring more attention to the site and volume.

The promotion effect of

hard wide brand awareness for It differs from man to man., the enterprise is the most direct and efficient way to promote the awareness of enterprises will make it to the advertising picture of the advertising language has been questioned and even resentment, unwilling to click on it to reach the ideal effect, then you can consider to do soft Wen promotion. Compared with the soft hard wide, more easily accepted, a high quality of soft Wen can be tens of thousands of netizens reproduced, in addition the soft can also carry the company’s Web site, not only to let more people know about the company’s products and services but also greatly improve the weight of the company’s Web site, the weight of the high in Baidu search engine. The natural ranking on the former. Therefore, "soft wide" is the development trend of network promotion.

Why does

say "soft wide" is the development trend of network promotion? Because it is relative to the traditional "hard wide", the most obvious advantage lies in: first, the cost is high, and its cost is hard wide 1/20. Second, update speed, so that users see the freshest, timely information. Third, the dissemination speed is quick, a soft Wen reprint number may rise from 10 to 100 thousand. Fourth, a wide range of promotion, the country’s Internet users are likely to see fourth pairs of Web site rankings and weight promotion has an important role.

in the understanding of the important characteristics of the soft Wen promotion, how to proceed to the promotion of soft paper? We must first understand the soft soft Wen promotion channels, can be released in the mainstream media websites (such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, NetEase), webmaster forum, blog, micro-blog, QQ group and other channels. To make full use of these resources need to have professional marketing team, there are some Adsense service sites in the initial stage there is no mature marketing team, no more network optimization division, copywriting, designers, programmers and other professional team, how to do? Can choose professional institutions to help promote their soft release.

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