What is the breadcrumb navigation

2. to clarify the relationship between the content of the web site, users understand the site panorama. The most common in the global navigation and site navigation information, they show the whole website directory information, users can quickly understand the website structure, has the overall grasp of the website. type, content, style and other aspects […]

ALENG blog forced shutdown 30 hours reason analysis

yesterday just returned home, access statistics during the lunch break through the mobile phone check station, but found that traffic seems a little unusual, carefully check the access details, find time to visit the source is actually the final 10:49, starting from 11 until 13 no one came. A little baffling. Go to the main […]

Ma Grassland talking about the content and form of Blog

thought of the question, a word of encouragement and encouragement from a friend of mine: "your blog is going to be fine!" (this is a free translation). Before, maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it, because the main network effort was spent on www.macaoyuan.com. With the Dragon Boat Festival PR update, the forum’s PR […]

B2B’s profit model and company architecture

The author has published in the before the "bright future" B2B vertical portals, in that article a detailed interpretation of the prospect of ideas for the operation of B2B website, here but more elaborate, today want to share with you is B2B website profit model and the structure of the company. We hope to help,. […]