Mets Need Big Game from Thor

first_imgNEW YORK — The man-child on the mound was simply getting some work in, two simulated innings to sharpen up for the World Series.It was late afternoon at Kauffman Stadium, dimmed by dark clouds on this overcast day in Kansas City, and even his New York Mets teammates wanted no part of 6-foot-6 Noah Syndergaard.David Wright bounded into the batting cage, watched a few fastballs whizz by like pellets fired from a BB gun, and stepped right back out.“How are you supposed to hit that?” he asked buddy Michael Cuddyer.A chuckling group of Mets marveled at Syndergaard’s sizzling cheese the day before the Series opener — but now they’ve placed the heat squarely on their rookie starter.With the National League champs trailing 2-0 in the best-of-seven set, the 23-year-old thunderbolt aptly nicknamed Thor pitches Oct. 30 against Royals right-hander Yordano Ventura.And the Mets know perfectly well they can’t afford to lose.“I feel like being able to watch the past two games has really helped me out and helped me devise a game plan,” Syndergaard said.Both teams canceled workouts Oct. 29 at Citi Field, all dressed up to host its first World Series with a game featuring two of the best arms in baseball.Syndergaard’s fastball averaged 97.1 mph during the regular season, the highest velocity of any major leaguer who pitched at least 150 innings, according to STATS.The 24-year-old Ventura ranked third at 96.3 mph.In the NL playoffs, Syndergaard threw 22 pitches at least 100 mph and topped out at 101, STATS said.Ventura can touch the century mark, too.“Right now I’m not worried about velocity at all. I just want to go deep in the game,” Ventura said, with teammate Christian Colon translating.But while Syndergaard certainly brings it, so do Mets aces Matt Harvey and Jacob deGrom. And despite their 95-98 mph heat, neither one was able to throttle a Royals lineup that’s mastered the lost art of consistently making solid contact.“This team likes the fastball,” said ALCS MVP Alcides Escobar, the first batter Syndergaard will face.Kansas City’s aggressive leadoff man is batting .364 with 12 runs, eight RBIs and seven extra-base hits this postseason.“It’s something else being able to watch Escobar walk up there and swing at the first pitch almost every single game,” Syndergaard said. “I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I’ll be able to break out tomorrow night. I’m looking forward to it.”Scolded by Wright in spring training for eating lunch in the clubhouse during an intrasquad game, Syndergaard acknowledged a rookie mistake and agreed he should have been on the bench looking to learn something.And despite all the attention his fastball draws, the rapid development of Syndergaard’s secondary pitches has been the key to his immediate success.“The amount of confidence that I’ve gained throughout this entire season and the journey has been an unbelievable experience for me,” he said.After making his major league debut in May, Syndergaard picked up a two-seamer that runs to his arm side and fine-tuned his changeup. He gained control of his sharp slider without losing the ability to bend in that slower curveball.Veteran teammate Michael Cuddyer used the words maturity, transformation and evolution in describing Syndergaard’s season.“We’re really excited to see him on this stage and see him pitch tomorrow night, and very confident to have him out on the mound,” Cuddyer said.All the improvements along the way helped Syndergaard finish 9-7 with a 3.24 ERA and 166 strikeouts in 150 innings — not to mention a long home run to straightaway center field.Then the right-hander went 1-1 with a 2.77 ERA in three NL playoff games, including his first career relief appearance.Powerful arm, swift progression.“He’s a very fast learner,” Mets Manager Terry Collins said. “He has no fear.”Ventura generates velocity with a whip of his slender frame, perhaps generously listed at 6-feet tall. Syndergaard, by contrast, is a 240-pound hammer who revels in his larger-than-life image.With long, golden locks flowing out from beneath his baseball cap, 11 letters to that unusual last name arched around his shoulders on the back of a Mets jersey, Syndergaard resembles some sort of Viking pitcher sent from the ancient past.The ninth century nearly straight to the National League, with an impressive pit stop at Double-A Binghamton.“This guy threw six innings at 100 mph in Los Angeles. Please show me anybody that’s done that, outside of Nolan (Ryan), maybe. And that’s where this guy for me has risen to the occasion,” Collins said.“I think he’s come a long way. I think as much as you’d like to go to that crusty, veteran guy who’s been here, who’s done it, to help bail you out of the hole you’re in, we’re not asking that. We’re asking this kid to go out and pitch his game, and his stuff should play.”Syndergaard was given the moniker Thor — the Norse god known for ferocious storms — after tweeting a photo of himself in costume doing squats on Halloween two years ago.Before his NL Championship Series start against the Cubs, he changed the photo atop his Twitter page to a shot featuring lightning striking Chicago’s famous Willis Tower. For the World Series, bolts descending on the Kansas City skyline.“He’s a unique guy,” Collins said.Syndergaard has “Thor” embroidered in gold on one of his gloves. There’s also a “Tyrion” model from “Games of Thrones” and “Drago” from “Rocky IV” and “Heisenberg” from “Breaking Bad,” among others.“Characters I like,” he explained.Off the field, however, Syndergaard is not all nasty.He speaks in soft tones with an air of confidence, and graciously posed for cellphone photos Oct. 26 with Mets and Royals rooters alike — even a disgruntled Cubs fan — following dinner at a popular Kansas City barbecue joint.A year ago, Ventura was a rookie when he won a World Series game his team had to have, Game 6 against San Francisco.Now, back home where he’s pitched his best, Syndergaard will try to do the same.“His name was mentioned to open up the World Series. That’s how well we think he’s pitching,” Collins said.(MIKE FITZPATRICK, AP Baseball Writer)TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

A DIY project to monitor Internet downtime

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Communications, Industry, Solutions These days, having access to the Internet is almost as necessary as having access to food and water. Without the Internet, many activities like worldwide communication, journalism, education, business, and financial operations would simply stop working. But, what if your Internet connection is less than perfect? How can Internet quality be measured or defined?This article describes a project to measure Internet connection quality by counting total network downtime. The project’s features are as follows:Use the ThingSpeak platform to display continuously measured downtimes.When a downtime event occurs, automatically send a Tweet to your Internet provider to alert them regarding the failure in your Internet connection.Register a report of all downtimes that exceed a certain specified limit.This project can also be run using a headless approach if you so desire.Requirements In order to replicate this project, you will need an understanding (at a basic-intermediate level) of the following topics:Embedded Linux (command line interface, basic commands, file system structure, and text editors).The Python programming/scripting language.Basic knowledge of computer networks.At a minimum, you should have heard about ThingSpeak and Twitter. If not, then this would be a really good time to start Googling them.Regarding the hardware, this project was developed on a Raspberry PI, but it can be easily ported to any single-board computer (SBC) that supports Embedded Linux distro, Python programming, and some form of Internet connection. This means that this project will easily work on a BeagleBone Black, a BeagleBone Green, a Linit Smart 7688, and… the list goes on.Note that the remainder of this article assumes that you already have full access to a single-board computer via a physical keyboard, mouse, and monitor (or by SSH and/or VNC access).What is Internet connection downtime? When we talk about Internet connection downtime, we are referring to the total time an Internet connection is not available — the more the Internet goes down, the greater is the total downtime. Thus, Internet connection quality is inversely proportional to total downtime.Ok, but what can I do with downtime measurement? Well, this depends on where you live and your local laws and regulations. In Brazil, for example, there is a regulatory agency for telecommunication issues called ANATEL (this stands for Agência NAcional de TELecomuniações in Portuguese). In resolution number 514/2013 (article 46), ANATEL specifies that every Internet service interruption with a duration greater than 30 minutes will result in in proportional discounts on the Internet provider’s bill. Therefore, claiming discounts due to poor Internet service is a very good usage for downtime measurement, and also a good way to drive Internet providers to increase their service quality.So, how can a downtime be determined? Based on our earlier discussions, you should now be comfortable talking about downtime and what it represents with regard to Internet connection quality measurement, so now it’s time to begin the project itself.First, we need to define a method with which to measure downtime. The most intuitive and logical method is to periodically ping a reliable server. Actually, I bet almost everyone has done this to check Internet connectivity at least once!Ping test to check the Internet’s availability (Source: Pedro Bertoleti) This sounds simple and obvious, right? But, not so fast: the time interval between pings matters A LOT! The reason for this is that, if the time interval between two pings is too short, then your IP address may be blocked by the server you’re pinging. This blocking policy makes sense, because multiple pings too close together might indicate a very, very simple DDoS attack (even though pings sound silly for a DDoS attack). So, to avoid the risk of being blocked, a good time interval between two ping/ICMP requests is 20 seconds. Of course, this implies that any downtime measurement will be equal to the number of consecutive downtimes (unanswered pings) multiplied by 20 seconds.In my opinion, one of the most reliable servers for doing this is Google’s DNS server (the famous This choice was made based on two facts as follows:This DNS server is one of the most used DNS servers worldwide, which leads to the that highly stable and reliable. Due to its heavy usage, we can infer that it has almost no downtime.The number of requests each day is huge! To figure out how huge, just imagine almost every computer, smartphone, and tablet in the world requesting Googles DNS’s service to browse webpages. It’s massive! Considering this, the chance of a project like ours being blocked by continuous access is minimal.Finally, to determine a downtime, all our project has to do is count how many pings fail (have no response) and multiply this by 20 seconds (the time interval between consecutive pings). Although this technique doesn’t result in the exact Internet connection downtime, it does provide a pretty good estimate.Following a downtime event (when the Internet resumes its response), the duration of the downtime event is sent to ThingSpeak. Also, a Tweet is sent to the Internet provider (using a web app from ThingSpeak called ThingTweet). Therefore, two actions are taken as follows:ThingSpeak stores the incoming data and displays it on a chart (in the user’s Thingspeak channel).By means of ThingTweet functionality (a ThingSpeak App) and the user’s Twitter account integration, ThingSpeak will automatically send a tweet to the Internet provider informing them that a downtime occurred and detailing its duration.To sum things up, the way in which this project works is illustrated below:How this project works (Click Here to see a larger image. Source: Pedro Bertoleti) As a plus, all tweeted messages are followed by the hashtag #DownTimeDetected , resulting in a very interesting feature: the more people use this project, the more Internet providers will be monitored regarding their Internet connection quality. So, if you search for this hashtag in Twitter, you’ll automatically see a list of Internet providers that failed to serve good Internet connections. To sum up: you’ll be able to use faithful old Twitter as a tool to check which Internet providers provide good or bad service!First things first: setting-up the Cloud As discussed this projects requires access to a ThingSpeak account and a Twitter account in order to perform its magic. Therefore, these accounts must be established and available before proceeding further with this project.Twitter Account: There’s no mystery here. Just go to the Twitter website at and create an account. It’s as simple as it sounds.ThingSpeak Account: This includes channel creation and ThingSpeak integration with Twitter. In order to do this, please perform the following steps:Go to the ThingSpeak website at ThinkSpeak.comClick on “Sign Up” at the top of the webpage and fill the form to create an accountOnce your account has been created and you’re logged in, click on “My Channel” at the top of the webpage and then click on “My Channels”.You will be redirect to your channel’s administration webpage. Click the “New Channel’ button.Fill in the form to create your ThingSpeak channel. Be sure to enable just one field to the channels.Now it’s time to integrate ThingSpeak and Twitter by means of the ThingSpeak App. Before you proceed, open a new tab in your browser, log into your Twitter account, and keep it logged in.In the ThingSpeak browser tab, click on “Apps” and then on the “ThingSpeak” icon as shown below.In ThingTweet’s webpage, observe the “Example API Endpoint” section. Copy the API Key of this section and save it (or keep in a safe place). This API Key will be required in the project’s code, which we will discuss shortly.Click the “Link Twitter Account” button and follow the instructions to link your Twitter account to ThingTweet.That’s it! Now you’re ready to proceed to the project itself.Talk is cheap, show me the code! It’s code time! Open your favourite text editor (in my case, nano) and enter the following code into the editor (Click Here to access a Notepad/text version of this code):(Click Here to access a Notepad version of this code) Save this as a .py file and, to execute it, just type the following into your CLI (command-ine interface): python NAME_OF_YOUR_SOURCE_CODE_FILE.pyNote: Some Linux distros don’t allow common (non-privileged) users to send pings / ICMP packets. In this case, it will be necessary for you to execute this command as a super-user (using sudo).Nice! But, what’s next? Well, considering the points we’ve already discussed, there are a lot of possibilities we can explore! A few things you can do based on this project are as follows:Configure your Linux distro to execute this program in boot (auto-start). By doing this, you can dedicate a single-board computer to this task and ensure Internet connection monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.You can generate some complementary data of your “Internet connection health” and send it to ThingSpeak as well. In fact, I’m sure you’ll want to get more data about your internet connection at some point.A nice hack for a rainy weekend would be as follows: most modern routers support OpenWRT (a very lightweight Linux distro focused on working in network devices, such as routers, IP cameras, and IoT devices). So, if you were to burn OpenWRT firmware into your router, you’ll have a router and a Linux embedded system at your service in the same hardware. This means you could embed this project into your router and let the router automatically monitor its Internet connection.Conclusion This article presented a project to monitor Internet downtime. This project uses very simple network concepts and ThingSpeak Cloud platform functionalities. Also, Tweets regarding downtimes are sent, thereby transforming Twitter into a worldwide database of Internet providers’ quality. Continue Reading Previous Priming Your Brain to Percolate Brilliant Ideas at ESC Minneapolis 2017Next Teardown of Apple’s iPhone 8 at ESC Silicon Valley 2017center_img Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.last_img read more

CAT scans show lithium-ion battery thermal runaway

first_img Continue Reading Previous Readers’ choice: The top 10 articles of 2018Next Mouser: Microchip SAM R34 SiPs deliver low-power LoRa solution for edge devices March 26, 2019 at 2:39 am Batteries are tough to test in both the R&D phases. Sure, you can measure the voltage, charge flow, and temperature, and even physical dimension changes, but after that, it’s a struggle to see what’s going on internally. However, since batteries improvements are of such high interest, there are few limits that researchers won’t investigate to gain real insight.For example, I just came across a set of articles and an academic paper by a team at University College London (UCL) which clearly illustrates the extremes to which the battery-test community will go to see what is otherwise not seeable. The team developed a complex set-up which performed an internal computerized axial tomography (CAT) scan on lithium batteries in real time so they could see what going on inside, Figure 1 . Figure 1 (a) Cut-away of battery-containment design attached to the rotation stage for real-time x-ray CAT scan; (b) arrangement of apparatus thermal runaway experiments; (c) 3D reconstruction with slices in the XY, YZ, and XZ planes of a 2.6 amp-hour battery (Cell 1) with isolated XY slice; (d) 3D reconstruction with slices in the XY, YZ, and XZ planes of a 2.2 amp-hour battery (Cell 2) with isolated XY slice. (Image source: University College London and Nature )The objective was to get detailed insight into the unfortunate and well-known, but hard-to-decode, aspect of these batteries: their tendency to overheat and explode/catch fire under some circumstances, which is dramatically and quite correctly called thermal runaway, Figure 2 . This has happened in large and small battery packs, such as the Boeing Dreamliner 787 aircraft, hoverboards, and even unplugged laptops. Figure 2 (a) External view of Cell 2 after thermal runaway showing the burst cap and protruding internal contents. The black marks indicate the points at which the bottom slice of the corresponding tomogram begins; (b) 3D reconstruction showing isolated copper phase (yellow), other broken-down material (semi-transparent dark grey) and battery casing (blue) where the copper phase is mostly still intact. (Image source: University College London and Nature ) Log in to Reply “Well, that is one way how technology can help us uncover more truths about other technologies and that is exactly what we need. We might not need the technology directly but its usage might be for another unrelated technology advancement and that is the k Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Advanced Technology Log in to Reply 2 thoughts on “CAT scans show lithium-ion battery thermal runaway” nathandavidson says: March 29, 2019 at 10:11 am CameronRobertson says: Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must Register or Login to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. “It’s amazing to think about what small little things can give rise to such huge problems. I reckon that you’ll see a lot of people scrambling to try and determine the problems in the same way for the next few months given the recent issues with Boeing thalast_img read more

Belgium midfielder Axel Witsel agrees to join Borussia Dortmund

first_imgBelgium midfielder Axel Witsel has agreed to join Borussia Dortmund from Chinese side Tianjin Quanjian, the German club announced on Monday.The former Benfica midfielder, who impressed at 2018 World Cup as Belgium finished third, will sign a four-year contract with Dortmund.”We’re very happy that he has chosen Borussia Dortmund,” the club’s sporting director Michael Zorc said in a statement, adding that Dortmund would pay the release clause in Witsel’s Tianjin contract without revealing any financial details.”Axel is a player with a great deal of international experience who has all the skills to shape BVB’s central midfield: tactical understanding, tackling power, speed, and creativity,” Zorc added.After 18 months in China, I would like to thank everyone at Tianjin Quanjian for an amazing experience. We have created great memories together. Thank you to all the fans, staff and team for making the time we had together unforgettable.Much love and gratitude #AW28 Witsel (@axelwitsel28) August 6, 2018Witsel began his career at Standard Liege and played for Portuguese side Benfica and Russia’s Zenit St Petersburg before joining Tianjin in January last year.@axelwitsel28 Dortmund (@BVB) August 6, 2018″I’m totally happy and also proud to be allowed to play for BVB soon. After our first conversation, I did not have to think twice, because for me Borussia Dortmund is one of the best clubs on the continent,” Witsel said.(With Reuters inputs)last_img read more

Lost focus due to injury, movie: Geeta Phogat

first_imgBy Aparajita Upadhyay Vijayanagar, Aug 16 (PTI) Veteran Indian wrestler Geeta Phogat says the razzmatazz of a Bollywood blockbuster on her life and a prolonged injury break took away her focus from the sport and she is now trying to recover lost ground. Geeta and Babita Phogat, both Commonwealth Games medallists became household names after their life story was brought alive on the silver screen in blockbuster ‘Dangal’. However, the two wrestlers haven’t been in the best of forms for a while now with injury still keeping Geeta away from action. “I think staying away from wrestling for two years with injury and the movie, I lost my focus. Now I am concentrating just on wrestling,” Geeta said on the sidelines of the launch of JSW’s Inspire Institute of Sports here. The 29-year-old scripted history by becoming the first Indian woman wrestler to qualify for Olympics in 2012. However, she was axed from the national camp ahead of the Asian Games owing to disciplinary issues. She had also claimed a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. “My comeback on the mat hasn’t been good. I am training hard to get back into the team. No sport is easy, if you spend time away it will be difficult to make a comeback,” she said. Asked about Indian wrestlers’ Asian Games campaign, Geeta said she expects women grapplers to return with more medals than last time. “Women wrestlers got only two (medals) last time but their performance has been good. I observed them in the national camps. Vinesh, Sakshi, and Pooja they seemed confident. This time they will get more medals,” Geeta said.advertisement The 14-member Indian wrestling contingent will be spearheaded by Commonwealth gold-medallist Vinesh Phogat and Olympic bronze-medallist Sakshi Malik. “The team has prepared well, both the women and men have performed well at recent tournaments.The confidence level of the team is also very high.” Indian wrestlers will look to replicate their performance at Gold Coast, where all 12 grapplers returned home with medals. Bajrang Punia, who won gold medals at the CWG, Tbilisi Grand Prix and Yasar Dogu International, and two time Olympic-medalist and reigning Asian Games champion Sushil Kumar will also look to bag the yellow metal. “Bajarang can definitely win gold. He has beaten good wrestlers during his wins at Spain and Turkey,” Geeta said. “Sushil is an experienced player, a big player. He may not be in good form now but sometimes we can’t judge the potential from a single tournament. He has two Olympic medals and three golds in CWG. He has the confidence I am sure he will do well,” she added. Geeta also lavished praise on sister Vinesh, who is in tremendous form, having won gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and Grand Prix of Spain ahead of the Asian Games. “Her confidence level is the highest among all wrestlers. She is very focussed on training. She makes videos of herself training, analyses them, analyses her opponents. Recently in Spain not only did she win, she beat her opponent 10-0,” she said. Wrestling has gained popularity in the past decade in India and asked what has prompted this, Geeta said it’s the performances that are driving the change. “The mindset has changed now everyone goes with the aim of winning a medal, they believe they can win, earlier that wasn’t the case,” she said. “We have regularly won medals at all tournaments and I think after ‘Dangal’, the craze for wrestling increased among the girls. Then Sakshi’s medal definitely boosted the confidence,” Geeta added. PTI APA PM PMPMlast_img read more

Asian Games 2018 Day 1 wrap: Bajrang clinches gold, Chandela-Kumar win bronze

first_imgIndian athletes clinched two medals on Day 1 of Asian Games 2018 to take the ninth position in the medal table on Sunday.The first medal came for India when shooters Apurvi Chandela and Ravi Kumar won bronze in the mixed rifle event. But Bajrang Punia emerged as the star of the day after he opened India’s gold account at the 18th Games.An in-form Bajrang won his maiden Asian Games gold in the 65kg category but a rusty Sushil Kumar lost his last chance to add an Asiad yellow metal to his rich collection after losing the qualification bout 3-5 to Bahrain’s Adam Batirov in the 74 kg category.The hockey turf in Jakarta also produced a brilliant result for India with the women’s team, which won a bronze in 2014, hammering hosts Indonesia 8-0 for a rousing start. Drag-flicker Gurjit Kaur was the star of the show with a hat-trick.ASIAN GAMES DAY 1: HIGHLIGHTSBajrang, who came into the Games after winning three tournaments — the Commonwealth Games, the Tbilisi Grand Prix, and the Yasar Dogu International, prduced a dominating performance.The 24-year-old from Haryana won all his bouts, until the final, by technical superiority.He outclassed Uzbekistan’s Sirojiddin Khasanov (13-3), Tajikistan’s Fayziev Abdulqosim (12-2) and Mongolia’s N Batmagnai Batchuluu (10-0) to storm into the gold medal bout.1stfor #India!Our #TOPSAthlete @BajrangPunia is a perfect example of dedication,grit & determination.So proud to bring to you our men’s 65kg categorymedalist at #AsianGames2018! The zeal to make it big was very evident from the start!#IndiaAtAsianGames @FederationWrest (@Media_SAI) August 19, 2018In the final, he was tested by Japan’s Takatani Daichi but the Haryana grappler held his nerve to prevail 10-8 in an exciting battle.With this stellar feat, Bajrang emulated his mentor Yogeshwar Dutt, who had won gold in the last edition. Kartar Singh (1978, 1986), Satpal Singh (1982), Rajinder Singh (1978), Changdi Ram (1970) and Maruti Mane (1962) are the other wrestlers who form India’s golden club at Asiad.Wrestler Bajrang Punia wins India’s first gold in Asian Games 2018″There are very few gold for Indian wrestlers in Asiad. So it is a big achievement for me. Only Yogeshwar and Rajinder Singh have won two gold medals in a year (CWG and Asiad), I am only the third to do it, so naturally, I am feeling proud of myself,” the 24-year-old said.Another name that was set to be on this list was of Sushil but the double Olympic medallist could not produce the big-event show he is famous for. However, he was graceful in defeat.”I did not expect this. The 57kg World Champion was sitting beside me, he said ‘I lost’. I told him don’t worry, I have also lost. It is part of sport and I will come back again. We can’t be overwhelmed by defeats or victories, it won’t lead you anywhere,” said Sushil.A gold was also expected from the Jakabaring Shooting Range in Palembang, where the Indians were in contention in two events, but the contingent had to be content with a mixed team rifle bronze.The Indian pairing of Chandela and Kumar aggregated 429.9 after 42 shots in the 48-shot final and were in second spot for major part of the 48-shot finals before China overtook them to take the silver.Superb start to Day 1 of #AsianGames2018.Mixed team of @Apurvichandela and Ravi Kumar wins first medal for India in this Asian Games. They have won in 10m air rifle mixed team.Great show, team. Many congratulations to them! #IndiaAtAsianGames #ProudIndia Rathore (@Ra_THORe) August 19, 2018It was a maiden Asian Games medal for Chandela, who will be aiming for a better colour medal in the 10m air rifle tomorrow. World Cup bronze medallist Kumar, who is mentored by the great Abhinav Bindra, had won a men’s 10m rifle team bronze at last the edition at Incheon.There were no more medals on the opening day but they were certainly some promising results.Asian Games 2018: Shooters Apurvi Chandela, Ravi Kumar win first medal for IndiaIndian swimmers Sajan Prakash and Srihari Nataraj finished creditable fifth and seventh respectively in the men’s 200m butterfly and 100m backstroke events.In rowing, medal hopes were raised after Om Prakash and Sawarn Singh topped Heat 2 in men’s doubles sculls while Dattu Baban Bhokanal was second in Heat 1 of singles sculls.It was a lean day in tennis with most Indians getting first-round byes. There was one match in the mixed doubles and last-minute formed pairing of Karman Kaur Thandi and Divij Sharan did well to clear the opening hurdle.advertisementCongratulation to our male shuttlers for advancing to the quarter finals of the Mens team event after a 3-0 win over #Maldives.They will take on hosts #Indonesia tomorrow.@BAI_Media #AsianGames2018 #GoForGlory #Badminton #IndiaAtAsianGames #TeamIndia #SAI Photo:@srikidambi (@Media_SAI) August 19, 2018The Indian badminton team, led by Kidambi Srikanth, made a resounding start to its campaign, thrashing minnows Maldives 3-0 in the opening match of the team competition.World No 8. Srikanth brushed aside Maldives’ Hussein Zayan Shaheed Zaki 21-4 21-5 to give India a 1-0 lead. World No. 11 H S Prannoy then outclassed Mohamed Sarim 21-8 21-6.B Sai Praneeth, who had clinched the 2017 Singapore Open, then ended the challenge of Mohamed Ajfan Rasheed with a 21-7 21-8 demolition as India wrapped up the contest 3-0.In Kabaddi, which has been India’s ‘gold mine’ at Asian Games, both teams made a winning start. The men’s team outclassed Sri Lanka after opening its campaign with a win over Bangladesh, while the women’s team pulled off a dominating win over Japan in its opener.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

Watch: Virat Kohli blows a kiss to Anushka after 58th international hundred

first_imgVirat Kohli struck another hundred on Monday and before people could see him celebrate his 23rd century in Test cricket, the camera panned to Anushka Sharma as she brimmed with pride in the stands of Trent Bridge.As Kohli soaked up the atmosphere and raised his bat after a nervous few moments at the crease. Anushka was seen applauding his husband for another Test match century and Kohli reciprocated by blowing kisses towards her.Incidentally, Anushka was also present at Edgbaston, when Kohli scored a fighting 149 to bring India back into the Test match in the first innings.However, just before the Lord’s Test, controversy broke out over Anushka being part of a team photo along with the Indian cricketers and support staff outside the Indian High Commission in London.Following the incident, Anushka clarified that everything was done within the guidelines and no protocols were broken. She soon left England for promotional works for her new film Sui Dhaaga, which is slated to release on September 28.Also read – Trent Bridge Test: Virat Kohli follows up first innings 97 with 23rd hundredShe was spotted again in the stands on Monday as Kohli played a seamless innings. He was seven short of his century before the teams walked off for tea. As they came back, Kohli looked a completely different batsman while facing the new ball to James Anderson.Also read – India in England: Virat Kohli joins Gavaskar, Tendulkar Dravid in elite listadvertisementThe Englishman drew an edge from him, which went straight through Keanton Jennings’s hands for a boundary, leaving Anderson in sheer agony. In the very next ball, Anderson drew another edge of Kohli’s bat but it landed short of Alastair Cook, who was waiting for the ball with eyes wide open.Kohli drew a single of the very next ball and in the next over, he finally got to his century with a boundary in an unconvincing manner. Woakes bowled a ball fuller outside off and Kohli went for the drive with gentle hands but he got an outside edge through short third man and into the fence.Also read – Virat Kohli misses hundred by 3 runs but sets another record in Test cricketKohli breathed a sigh of relief and spread his hands arms up in joy as the whole stadium including his wife applauded another heroic knock from the Indian captain.But his joy was short-lived as he fell for 103 in Woakes’s very next over.Woakes bowled an inswinger on off and it tailed back in late. Kohli tried to flick but missed to get hit on the pads as he was given out lbw.Also read – 10 years of Virat Kohli in international cricket: 17675 runs, 57 hundreds Virat Kohli received a standing ovation as he left the ground after his hundred (Reuters Photo)This was was Kohli’s second hundred in England in the ongoing series and the sixth in international cricket in 2018. He scored four centuries in South Africa (three in ODIs and one in Tests) and two in England so far this year. This century was his 58th overall.Kohli also joined Virender Sehwag and Steve Smith with 23 centuries in Test cricket. Kohli now has 440 runs from three matches in the series. England’s Jonny Bairstow is a distant second with 206 runs.last_img read more

India-Japan maritime exercise commences at Visakhapatnam

first_imgNew Delhi, Oct 7 (IANS) The 3rd edition of Japan-India Maritime Exercise (JIMEX) commenced at Visakhapatnam on Sunday following the arrival of Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) ships Kaga and Inazuma in the Andhra Pradesh port city, the Indian Navy said.The exercise to be held till October 15 aims to “enhance interoperability, improve understanding and imbibe the best practices” followed by the two forces.Kaga is an Izumo-class helicopter destroyer while Inazuma is a guided missile destroyer. These are taking part in the exercise under the command of Rear Admiral Tatsuya Fukada, Commander, Escort Flotilla-4. The Indian Navy is represented by three indigenously designed and built warships and a fleet tanker. The ships are multipurpose stealth frigate INS Satpura, anti-submarine warfare corvette INS Kadmatt, missile corvette and fleet tanker INS Shakti, an official release said.In addition, one submarine, one P8I long-range maritime patrol aircraft and a number of integral helicopters will also participate.The Indian ships will operate under the command of Rear Admiral Dinesh K. Tripathi, Flag Officer Commanding, Eastern Fleet.The drill will include a ‘harbour phase’ and a sea phase’ of four days each. The harbour phase of the exercise scheduled from October 7 to October 10, will include professional and social interactions between ships’ crews, sports fixtures and operational planning for the sea phase. “The sea phase will include anti-submarine warfare exercises, VBSS (Visit, Board, Search and Seizure) drills, gun firings, cross-deck helo operations and coordinated operations in anti-submarine/anti-air threat scenarios,” the release said.The last edition of JIMEX was conducted in December 2013 off Chennai coast. The JMSDF is a regular participant in the Malabar series of exercises between Indian and US navies. The India and Japanese navies have been working in close coordination in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden for the past few years. –IANSmak/tsb/sedadvertisementlast_img read more

Block Party | Web Series

first_imgIf you’re a rally enthusiast, you already know about Ken Block. Not counted among rally legends like Colin McRae, Sébastien Loeb and Tommi Mäkinen, Block managed to carve out a niche of his own in motorsports. A story that began in 2008 as a fun video on an abandoned airfield,,If you’re a rally enthusiast, you already know about Ken Block. Not counted among rally legends like Colin McRae, Sébastien Loeb and Tommi Mäkinen, Block managed to carve out a niche of his own in motorsports. A story that began in 2008 as a fun video on an abandoned airfield, drifting the tyres off a Subaru Impreza rally car, gained unprecedented fame on YouTube. The video has since got over 15 million views. Back then, Block was the co-owner of DC shoes, but now he is fully committed to Hoonigan Racing Division.The Gymkhana series of videosnine till datehas grown from fairly basic camerawork to state-of-the-art filming. The latest video features a run on the famous Pikes Peak albeit this being Block’s version of the annual hill climb. All that goes into making such epic videos has been documented in Amazon Prime’s eight-episode series, The Gymkhana Filesthe team, the driver and the effort put in by the Hoonigan team.Associated with the Japanese carmaker from his rallycross days, Block began his videos with Subarus, gradually adding various versions of the Ford Fiesta. Gymkhana 9 showcased a 2016 Ford Focus RS RX, which produced 600 bhp and 650 Nm of torque, and claimed to achieve 0-60 mph (97 kmph) under two seconds. Block and the Hoonigan Racing Division created a monster named Hoonicorn RTR. The car was unveiled in the Gymkhana 7 video, with only vague resemblance to a Mustang. It used a naturally-aspirated Roush Yates 6.7-litre V8 engine, developing 845 bhp and 720 Nm of torque. Now in its second version, the Hoonicorn needed an upgrade. The engine was upgraded with a twin-turbo set-up. These and more changes resulted in a mega 1,400 bhp and 1,250 Nm set-up.advertisementThe Amazon series serves not only as a recap of those milestones but also as a curtain-raiser for the 10th edition of the Gymkhana videos, which is set to release on December 7. The video will also debut a special build, a 1977 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck, as a tribute to Block’s father who owned the same base truck.last_img read more

MS Dhoni is the hero of the country, learnt a lot from him: Rishabh Pant

first_imgIndia wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant was a proud man after he took 11 catches in the Adelaide Test on Monday.Pant equalled the world record and beat compatriot Wriddhiman Saha when he took the catch of Australia captain Tim Paine on Day 5.It was Pant’s 11th catch of the match which saw him go level with Jack Russell (England) and AB de Villiers (South Africa) for the most number of catches in a Test by a wicketkeeper.”I never thought of the record but it’s good to take some catches and put it inside my kitty. It’s good to have milestones, but I’m not thinking about that too much,” Pant told 21-year-old also credited India’s limited-overs wicket-keeper MS Dhoni for the role he’s played in helping Pant’s career so far.”He’s the hero of the country. I’ve learnt a lot from him as a person and as a cricketer as well. Whenever he’s around, I feel more confident as a person. If I’ve got any problems I can share it with him and get a solution right away.”As a wicketkeeper and a player (he’s taught me) to be patient in pressure situations like this (in Adelaide). You have to keep calm and keep composed and try to give 100 per cent,” Pant said of Dhoni.Pant had an opportunity to break the world record during the second session of the final day’s play but he dropped a catch that gave tail-ender Nathan Lyon a reprieve.”I’m very happy to contribute to the team, first time getting to this milestone,” he said after the record.advertisementChasing a massive 323, Australia’s lower middle order gave a tough fight in their second innings against an inspired Indian bowling attack before being eventually bundled out for 291 just before tea on the final day.For the tourists, pacers Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami and off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin grabbed three wickets apiece while veteran Ishant Sharma also took a wicket.Also Read | I love troubling opposition batsmen: Rishabh Pant on his sledging tacticsAlso Read | Sunil Gavaskar heaps praise on India’s pace attack after Adelaide win: Outstanding stuffAlso Read | Ravi Shastri wants Team India well rested for Perth Test: To hell with the netsAlso Read | Had our b***s in our mouths: Ravi Shastri after Adelaide win. Fans can’t keep calmlast_img read more

Kerala man leaves own wedding to play football. His wife has the best reaction

first_imgA football player from Kerala might have pushed his own obsession with the sport to a whole new level. He asked his soon-to-be wife to wait for five minutes in order to go and join his team on the field in an ongoing match that clashed with his wedding ceremony.Ridvan, a defender who plays for FIFA Menjeri, a team in Malappuram 7s league, is the crazy football fan who has left even Rajyavardhan Rathore, Minister of State for Youth Affairs and Sports, stumped.Rathore took to Twitter to share the story of Ridvan, who left his own wedding to attend a football match.”Ridvan asked 5 minutes from his bride on his wedding day to play football! What passion! I want to meet him! #5MinuteAur #KheloIndia,” tweeted Rathore.On his wedding day, Ridvan had to face an impossible choice: continuing with his wedding ceremony or joining his team during a crucial moment of the 7s game.The 7s league is a popular football tournament in Kerala. Different from a traditional game of football, which has 11 players, this game has just 7 on each team. The rules of the game are slightly tweaked as well, but largely remain the same. 7s is very popular in Kerala, which explains Ridvan’s love for the game.”Excuse me for five minutes,” Ridvan told his wife-to-be on his wedding day.Fortunately, his team won the game, but the bride was apparently furious.She was surprsied that her would-be husband picked a football match over their wedding. Understandably, isn’t it?advertisementAccording to the website Talksports24x7, she said, “So if the game was at noon, would you cancel the marriage for the game?”We hope that Ridwan had a good reply to that and had a smooth wedding after he got back. At least he got himself a meeting with Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Rathore!ALSO SEE: Fiona the hippo gets best birthday surprise from her crush. The reactions are pricelessALSO WATCH: Sneaky sea lions attemptto snatch diver’s paddles and cameralast_img read more

Dinesh Karthik vs Rishabh Pant for World Cup: MSK Prasad weighs in on debate

first_imgChairman of India’s senior selection committee, MSK Prasad has refused to rule out Dinesh Karthik’s chances of making the India squad for the 2019 Cricket World Cup. The wicketkeeper-batsman was not picked for the upcoming ODI series against Australia, Team India’s final international assignment ahead of the mega event.MSK Prasad pointed out that Dinesh Karthik has done well in the finisher’s role in whatever opportunities he has got in the past and that a call on the back-up wicketkeeper’s slot “at an appropriate time” ahead of the World Cup, starting May 30 in England and Wales.Rishabh Pant finds a place in both the T20I and ODI squads for the Australia series. The young wicketkeeper-batsman, who finished as the second-highest scorer behind Cheteshwar Pujara for India in their historic 2-1 Test series win in Australia earlier this year, was rested for the subsequent ODI series in Australia and New Zealand.”It’s definitely a healthy debate that’s going on. We know Dinesh Karthik has been doing really well in the finisher’s role. At the same time, Rishabh Pant’s escalation has been very fast. He is showing a lot of maturity. Both of them are equally good but what is good for the team is going to help us take a call at the appropriate time,” MSK Prasad said in an interview to Hotstar.Even as Pant was not picked for the ODI series in Australia and New Zealand both MSK Prasad and the team management insisted he was in the World Cup mix. In fact, head coach Ravi Shastri said Pant was asked to learn to finish games. Pant played a couple of one-day games for India A against England Lions before he joined the senior national team for the T20I series in New Zealand earlier this month.advertisementMeanwhile, former India captain Sunil Gavaskar suggested Dinesh Karthik should definitely be part of India’s World Cup squad and even tipped the Tamil Nadu veteran to be the team’s back-up opener at the quadrennial event.”There should be flexibility in the team. Dinesh Karthik has opened in Test matches in the past so he can do it in ODIs too,” Gavaskar said.On the contrary, former batsman Sanjay Manjrekar had opined that the selector’s decision to not include Karthik in the ODI squad signalled that his career in ODI cricket is over.”His fans will feel sorry because with the opportunity he has got, he has done as well as he could. But I feel with this selection or non-selection of Karthik, India have told everyone that we look at Karthik as a T20 batsman, and his 50-over future is over as far as we are concerned,” Manjrekar told ESPNCricinfo.KL Rahul’s form is very important for World Cup selection: PrasadMeanwhile, MSK Prasad has insisted KL Rahul is being looked at as back-up opener but opined that he needs to hit form in order to justify his selection. Rahul, who hadn’t played international cricket since the Sydney Test in January, has been included in both the T20I and the ODI squads for the upcoming home series.”At such a major tournament [World Cup], we can’t afford to go in without a third opener. That’s why we have included KL Rahul for the T20Is and the ODIs against Australia. We have to see how he performs because his form is also very important,” Prasad said.Also Read | Sunil Gavaskar picks Dinesh Karthik ahead of Rishabh Pant in World Cup squadAlso Read | India are the best side in ODI cricket in their own conditions: Aaron FinchAlso Read | Hardik Pandya and I are seen as competitors but we share very good rapport: Vijay ShankarAlso See:last_img read more

Smriti Mandhana retains top spot in ICC Women’s ODI rankings

first_imgIndia opener Smriti Mandhana maintained her pole position while ODI skipper Mithali Raj remained fifth in the latest ICC ODI Players’ Ranking issued on Monday.Mandhana is leading the pack with 774 rating points ahead of Australia pair of Ellyse Perry and Meg Lanning.New Zealand’s Amy Satterthwaite is placed fourth, just ahead of Raj. The other Indians to feature in top 20 are Deepti Sharma, who jumped a place to 17th and Twenty20 skipper Harmanpreet Kaur at 19th.West Indies captain Stafanie Taylor has advanced two places and grabbed the eighth position among batters even as a number of players from Pakistan and South Africa have also moved up in the ICC Women’s ODI Player Rankings after winning their respective ICC Women’s Championship series.Taylor led the list of run-getters with an aggregate of 158, including two fifties, in a 2-1 loss here that enabled Pakistan to overtake the West Indies in the points table of the eight-team championship. It provides direct qualification berths to hosts New Zealand and four other top teams in the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup 2021.South Africa have kept in contention for a direct berth in the pinnacle event by completing a 3-0 triumph at home over Sri Lank1a, a verdict that has helped them to catch up with the fifth-placed West Indies on 11 points, even though they remain behind on net run rate.Pakistan gain 12 points after 2-1 win over the West IndiesPakistan’s victory over the West Indies has lifted them to 12 points and they are now in the fourth position, just behind India on the net run rate in the list led by Australia with 16 points from only nine matches and New Zealand second at 14 points from 12.advertisementAmong bowlers, veteran pacer Jhulan Goswami is the best-placed Indian at the third spot behind Megan Schutt of Australia and Pakistan’s Sana Mir, who is leading the pack.Deepti at a career-high third spot on all-rounder’s rankingsDeepti Sharma and Poonam Yadav are two other Indian bowlers figuring at the top-10 at eighth and ninth positions respectively.Deepti also features in the all-rounders chart at a career-high third spot. Perry is at the pinnacle of the list followed by West Indies’ Taylor.No Indian woman has reached the top spot among all-rounders as all the former captains — Goswami (in July 2015), Purnima Rau (December 2000) and Shubhangi Kulkarni (January 1986) have attained the second position.The upcoming India-England series can be crucial in the final standings while defending champions Australia host second-placed New Zealand in another series that also starts on Saturday.Also Read | Pulwama terror attack: Mohammed Shami donates to families of martyred CRPF soldiersAlso Read | Pacer Komal Zanzad shines but Heather Knight helps England XI win vs Board President’s XIAlso See:last_img read more

Will a PUBG ban solve anything? How parents can prevent gaming addiction in kids without being hated

first_imgKeeping children away from mobile games that they enjoy is not a piece of cake. If not done correctly, it could breed resentment in the mind of the child for the parent(s) and make the situation even worse. A PUBG ban might not be a good solution as in this technology-ruled world, even young children are digitally savvy and can figure out how to access the banned game, undo child locks, and find other similar games.Parents can try to solve the issue only after understanding the root cause of the unhealthy attachment to the game.Read: Why we cannot stop playing PUBG: Gaming addiction health problems and why no one talked about a Candy Crush banEven though Nepal recently lifted its PUBG ban due to uncertainty about the legality of it, the issue still remains hot in India with parents, police and politicians talking about the dangers of a violent, addictive game that anyone can play for free. In Gujarat, a few players were even arrested for playing PUBG.To understand how parents can guide their children on the issue of PUBG or other addictive video games, we spoke to a child psychologist, a parenting expert, the founder of a futuristic group of schools, and the CEO of a leading ed-tech company that is transforming education with gamification and other modern approaches. (Photo: PTI)Here are a few important tips for parents to monitor children without being hated in return:1. Do not use mobile phones and games to keep your children occupied”Sometimes parents use online games as a parenting tool. They feel that children are sitting at one place and not disturbing them, so they can continue with their household chores or other tasks and that’s what stems up this addiction,” explains Meenal Arora, Founder Director, Shemford Group of Futuristic Schools. This approach can be harmful to the young ones.advertisementSince using mobile phones or watching screens can hamper the cognitive development of very young children and cause permanent damage, they should be kept away from phones and be engaged in other activities or encouraged to pursue a hobby of their interest, Arora says.”We cannot take screens out of our lives completely, but we can restrict their usage to a fair quota, depending upon the child’s age,” says Parul Ohri, Chief Editor at Momspresso.Read: PUBG Mobile: What is it, is it affecting students and why have Gujarat, VIT and other institutions banned it (Photo: Pexels)2. Bond with your child and be vigilant”We have spoken with several experts about screen addiction and the unanimous advice is – communicate with your child and be vigilant about their emotional well being,” says Ohri.”Often, children turn to gaming because parents are not able to give time to them. Therefore, parents should bond better with them so that they do not become reclusive,” says Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO and Co-founder of Next Education India.Mobile phones with their innumerable games and apps have already made people very reclusive and addictive games like PUBG aggravate the issue.”When children or even adults start playing a game, they just can’t get enough. They keep coming back for more. They enjoy the thrill, the adrenaline and also the instant gratification,” says Arora.”Playing any game involves sitting in front of a screen and concentrating on it leaving no time to go out and meet others which is harmful for children and adults alike. Going out, getting involved in outdoor activities, interacting with others — are all good for our physical and mental well-being,” she adds. 3. Engage your children in positive gaming and other activities”Parents must understand that even if they are engaging their children using technology, they need to ensure that the games and activities are age-appropriate,” says Arora.For this, parents themselves need to be digitally savvy so they can make sure their kids are consuming only positive content.”Encourage offline interests particularly sports and keep track of any change in behaviour so that any alarming trend can be nipped in the bud,” says Parul Ohri. Parents should encourage kids to pursue a hobby of their interest. If left unengaged, they could go back to their gaming addiction, she says.Read: Video gaming as addictive as cocaine and gambling, says WHO on adding ‘gaming disorder’ to their listIf parents consider playing with their children, they can keep track of their child’s interests and help steer them towards less harmful, educational games as well, says Beas Dev Ralhan.advertisementGame-based learning, which is now being taken up by many ed-tech companies can also bring kids into an educational atmosphere along with the fun of gaming and divert them from harmful gaming practices.”Parents should keep an eye on the types of games their kids are playing and discourage them from mortally harmful games such as the Blue Whale Challenge,” he adds.”Children are provided limited opportunities to play outdoors and are being confined to home to complete school work etc. The break from study-time is utilized on engagement with gadgets. Instead, it is important to expend energy and keep the mind active by engaging in a physical sport,” says Divya Palaniappan, Child Psychologist.Physical activity rejuvenates the mind and helps children focus better on academics, contrary to the belief that playtime is of no use. “Gaming indoors would not turn into an addiction when children are provided ample opportunities to engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities,” she adds. 4. Do not blame or shout at kids for their excessive gamingParents should not blame their children on finding them engrossed in their mobile phone as it could make them reclusive and more adamant about finding a way to play. If pressurised, the situation could become dangerous as was seen in the teen suicide case in Telangana in early April.”Many a time, questions by parents are often interpreted as criticism by children. Parents should reassure children that they are not being condemned. All the issues regarding their gaming behaviour should be addressed affectionately and in a calm and composed manner,” advices Meenal Arora.She says that parents should tell their children what changes they have noticed in their behaviour like declining grades, social withdrawal, giving up hobbies etc. and why increased screen time is becoming a concern. 5. Encourage kids to be self-responsible”Set specific screen time and encourage children to be self-responsible. If they honour the rules then you can use the free time to engage them in varied interesting activities,” says Arora.”Brute force does not work with children. It is better to adapt an authoritative parenting style where as a parent, you define the norms and guide your child to make decisions,” explains Divya Palaniappan.”It is really important to let your child know the consequences of decisions and enable them to choose wisely. Asking them to stop without providing them with reasons tends to incapacitate them, which would have adverse effects on their well-being,” she adds. 6. Plan a ‘Digital Detox Day'”Plan a day every week as Digital Detox Day — this applies to both parents and children. Remove access to any type of digital device — no smartphones, no computers. Parents can plan a variety of other entertaining activities such as cycling, playing cricket etc.,” says Arora”Setting an outdoor play schedule and encouraging participation in sports is most effective when children are young. For younger children a great idea is for one parent to be directly involved with screen time and use it to do fun stuff together with the child, whether playing a game, watching entertainment or a DIY,” says Parul Ohri.advertisement7. Kids emulate their parents, so set the right standardMoreover, children tend to follow what their parents do rather than doing what their parents tell them to do. So, parents need to be good role models for their kids.If children watch their parents absorbed in their smartphones, they will also try to mimic the same behaviour. Sit with your kids and read to them or take them camping so that they can be introduced to other ways to have fun.Read: Game-based learning benefits: The new education process that can change everythingRead: Gaming as a career option: Lucrative career options in the gaming industryRead: Be a game artist and turn your gaming love into a career: Know about skills, salary and job prospectslast_img read more

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: New Zealand team profile

first_img SL Lockie Ferguson Lockie Ferguson IND Bowler Caught – 43 NZ Tom Latham Tom Latham Bowler Team Profile 2154 Total runs scored New Zealand The left-hander is only one of three players to have scored three or more Twenty20 international centuries and has a world class average of 33.59. However, he has yet to pass three figures in 51 one-day internationals, where he averages just 24.91.He has also been dismissed for single figures in 10 of his last 21 innings, prompting Stead to promote Henry Nicholls to open with Martin Guptill in most recent matches.Another hint at the change in tactical focus was the recall of Tom Blundell from the international wilderness as a second wicketkeeper at the expense of Tim Seifert.The agressive Seifert can float up and down the order and has opened in Twenty20 internationals but failed to convince with the gloves.There is still some top quality batting in the line-up with captain Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor able to build a platform which allows power-hitting all-rounders James Neesham and Colin de Grandhomme to provide the fireworks at the death.advertisementConditions at the tournament are expected to be batsmen-friendly after 300 runs were scored on 28 occasions, and 400 three times, in ODIs in England over the last four years.Bowling sides out will therefore be imperative from their opener against Sri Lanka in Cardiff on June 1 if Williamson’s team are to advance out of the 10-team round-robin format and make their eighth semi-final.”The word is it will be a high-scoring World Cup, but the best chance with the ball is certainly if we can bowl teams out and be aggressive in that,” Stead said.”I think that will be a critical factor.”That responsibility will rest largely on the shoulders of Trent Boult, the joint highest wicket-taker at the last World Cup with 22, with the quick looking to exploit what seam and swing he can extract from the wickets.There is, however, a huge question mark over his new ball partner Tim Southee, whose performances in the format are on a downward trajectory.Virtually unplayable when he destroyed England with 7-33 at Wellington four years ago, Southee has played just 45 of New Zealand’s 76 games since the last World Cup.His 51 wickets since have come at a cost of 41.46 runs each making his place in the expected three-pronged pace attack with Boult, Lockie Ferguson or Matt Henry far from assured. The all-out attack with the bat that propelled New Zealand to their maiden World Cup final four years ago has been modified by coach Gary Stead for this year’s tournament after a successor to Brendon McCullum failed to emerge.McCullum, who captained the side in 2015 and retired a year later, helped New Zealand redefine the way one-day cricket was played and inspired England’s transformation in the wake of their embarrassingly early exit from that tournament.The Black Caps, however, have apparently abandoned the tactic of attacking from ball one largely because of a lack of an opening batsmen who can produce the sort of assault McCullum was able to.Colin Munro’s failure to replicate his Twenty20 form in the longer format must be at least partly responsible for the tactical switch. Kane Williamson Captain Henry Nicholls Henry Nicholls Total runs in each powerplay Total 50’s/100’s 11/2 All-Rounder ENG All-Rounder BAN Jimmy Neesham Jimmy Neesham PAK 66 Total Wickets Tim Southee Tim Southee SA Matt Henry Matt Henry AFG Run Outs – 5 Batsman AUS Colin Munro Colin Munro Bowler STUMPED – 1 The New Zealand cricket team, also known as the Black Caps, played its first Test in 1929-30 against England. However, it was only in the 1955-56 season that the team won its first Test against the West Indies at Eden Park in Auckland. Pakistan was its first ODI opponent in a match played at Christchurch in the 1972-73 season.The Kiwis, as the team members are also referred to, have produced some top-class international cricketers. Foremost among them is Sir Richard Hadlee, one of New Zealand’s and the world’s best all-rounders. He took the then world record for most Test wickets (374) against India at Bangalore in 1988. He lost the record to Kapil Dev eventually and of course, other bowlers who have surpassed them by now. Hadlee was the first bowler to reach 400 Test wickets, again getting there while playing versus India at Christchurch in 1990. Martin Crowe, John Reid, Chris Cairns, Adam Parore, Craig McMillan, John Wright, Ken Rutherford and a host of others have notably served New Zealand cricket over the years.Stephen Fleming is one name that stands out when it comes to the most successful captains of New Zealand. He led the team to 28 Test victories, more than twice as many as any other captain. Replacing him was Daniel Vettori, whose name was synonymous with New Zealand Cricket for a long time. The team has been quite unlucky with regard to its World Cup campaigns. They have made it to the semi-finals six times but have failed to qualify further each time.That all soon changed though. In the 2015 World Cup, under Brendon McCullum’s inspirational leadership, New Zealand made it to their first-ever final, although they eventually ended up losing to Australia. Soon after that, Kane Williamson was given the command of the Kiwi team. New Zealand prospered under the able captaincy of Kane Williamson and winning a Test series against Pakistan in the U.A.E. was one of his biggest achievements. The Black Caps, wearing the underdogs tag, once again performed supremely in the 2019 World Cup but failed to cross the last hurdle in a thrilling final at Lord’s. Batsman 3 – Lost Mitchell Santner Mitchell Santner Colin de Grandhomme Colin de Grandhomme Kane Williamson Kane Williamson Bowler Batsman LBW – 7 4s-176 6s-23 Ross Taylor Ross Taylor Wicket Keeper 11 Matches Played Tom Blundell Tom Blundell Wicket Keeper Batsman Ish Sodhi Ish Sodhi WI All-Rounder 842 runs in boundries New Zealand Martin Guptill Martin Guptill Bowled – 10 Bowler All-Rounder Trent Boult Trent Boult 6 – WONlast_img read more

World Cup 2019: Wanted to commit suicide after defeat to India, says Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur

first_imgPakistan head coach Mickey Arthur has claimed that he was feeling so low and disappointed after his team’s loss to India in the ongoing World Cup that he wanted to “commit suicide”.On June 16 at the Old Trafford in Manchester, Pakistan had to face an embarrassing 89-run loss (D/L method) against arch-rivals India. This was their seventh loss against the Men in Blue in all the editions of the World Cups.The entire team, including skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed and the team management, had drawn a lot of flak from former cricketers and fans on social media.However, Pakistan came back strongly to keep their hopes alive of making it to the semi-finals as they registered a convincing 49-run victory over South Africa, knocking the Faf du Plessis-led team out of the competition.”Last Sunday I wanted to commit suicide,” Arthur said at the post-match press conference after the Proteas game at the Lord’s on Sunday. “But it was, you know, it’s only one performance.”It happens so quick. You lose a game; you lose another game; it’s a World Cup; media scrutiny; public expectation, and then you almost go into sort of survival mode. We’ve all been there,” he added.He had also said guys in the team were “burnt” last week post their defeat to Virat Kohli’s men.Pakistan has five points from six games and is currently placed at the seventh spot in the table. They need to win all their remaining three games against New Zealand (Wednesday), Afghanistan (Saturday) and Bangladesh (July 5), and also hope that results of matches of other teams go in their favor so that they can make it to the last four stages.advertisementIt should be remembered that former Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer had died under mysterious circumstances after the Green Brigade got eliminated in the group stage of the 2007 edition of the World Cup held in the West Indies.Also Read | World Cup 2019: Wasim Akram hopes Pakistan can repeat 1992 performance vs New ZealandAlso Read | World Cup 2019 scenarios: England can be knocked out, Pakistan still in the huntAlso Seelast_img read more

World Cup 2019: All eyes on MS Dhoni’s approach as India take on West Indies

first_imgMahendra Singh Dhoni’s batting approach and position in the middle order will be the team management’s primary concern when India take on an ousted-yet-dangerous West Indies in the sixth league phase encounter of the World Cup here Thursday.As the league phase hits the home stretch, India will look to ensure a smooth passage into the semi-finals with yet another victory.But it could be easier said than done against a West Indies side, which might play party poopers with nothing to lose in their remaining few games.In fact, West Indies’ unpredictability and the former India captain’s repeated failure during the important second Powerplay overs leaves skipper Virat Kohli with a few points to ponder.Dhoni’s painfully slow approach against Afghanistan yielded 28 off 52 balls and he was roundly criticized. Even the normally restrained Sachin Tendulkar questioned the approach.”There was no positive intent,” the usually reticent Tendulkar’s observation on a TV channel has been spot on.The Indian team management knows that only too well but with four group matches left, the only option they have right now is to alter Dhoni’s batting position, possibly giving a few more deliveries to Jadhav, who can be innovative in his shot selection.Hardik Pandya is being used as a floater but the Afghanistan match showed that if he doesn’t get support from the other end, there is too much pressure on him to hit every delivery for a six.Kohli and coach Ravi Shastri till now have not been too keen to use Rishabh Pant’s firepower. Pant can come in only if the team management considers the idea of Vijay Shankar being disposable.advertisementThe West Indies is a team loaded with fast bowlers so it could be a bit easier for Dhoni to rotate the strike as he hasn’t been comfortable against the slow bowlers. Afghanistan exposed it thoroughly during the last game.There have been arguments and counter-arguments about Dhoni’s batting approach in the IPL compared to his style when playing 50-over cricket for India.Dhoni, during Chennai Super Kings various chases, would invariably target one of the inexperienced Indian domestic bowlers while playing safe cricket against the bigger international names.Against a Kagiso Rabada or a Jofra Archer, he didn’t take any risks before hitting the others in successful run-chases. A strategy needs to be worked around Dhoni’s skill sets here too to place him at a position on which he can bat freely.With his inputs and electric glovework behind the stumps an absolute necessity, this will require some tactical brainstorming by the captain and the coach.The West Indies, on the other hand, will look to finish on a high after being knocked out despite a great start against Pakistan. Andre Russell being ruled out due to a hamstring injury has been another big blow.However, the team, especially the fast bowling department, has shown tremendous potential including the young bumper-happy fast bowling duo of Sheldon Cotterell and Oshane Thomas.With Kohli and his deputy Rohit Sharma being superb horizontal bat players, it promises to be a mouth-watering contest if they employ the short-ball tactic.For the ‘Universe Boss’ Chris Gayle, a smashing match-winning innings is due and Kohli will be praying that it doesn’t come against his team.Jasprit Bumrah’s opening spell against Gayle may set the tone while the talented duo of Shai Hope and Shimron Hetmyer will be asked a few questions by Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal.Against New Zealand, Carlos Brathwaite played amazing innings and took the Windies to the brink of a miraculous victory.However, Brathwaite has never been comfortable against the slow bowlers as he loves the length deliveries on the slot.In all, it could be a tougher test for India than Afghanistan but the ‘Men In Blue’ remain favourites to win the contest considering their recent form.Squads: India: Virat Kohli (captain), Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Vijay Shankar, Hardik Pandya, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wk), Kedar Jadhav, Kuldeep Yadav, Yuzvendra Chahal, Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ravindra Jadeja, Dinesh Karthik, Rishabh Pant.West Indies: Jason Holder (captain), Chris Gayle, Shai Hope, Shimron Hetmyer, Carlos Brathwaite, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane Thomas, Kemar Roach, Ashley Nurse, Nicholas Pooran, Sunil Ambris, Evin Lewis, Shannon Gabriel, Darren Bravo, Fabian Allen.Also Read | World Cup 2019: Martin Guptill eyes another WC featAlso Read | New Zealand vs Pakistan, World Cup 2019: Weather Updates from Birmingham on WednesdayAlso Seelast_img read more