Electricity supplier operators need to dig in depth seize the opportunity

the rapid development of electronic business, more and more people are accustomed to shopping on the Internet, so there is a large number of people have the influx of business industry, but how talent shows itself from the electricity supplier industry will need to dig it, grasp the opportunity. What are the points summarized here?.

one, publicity should go deep into

whether you do shopping malls or shops or shopping guide, you should do propaganda work, do a good job in publicity, so that consumers know your platform, understand your platform, and this is what everyone has been trying to study the topic. There are abundant fund companies can put a lot of advertising this needless to say, no money for a large number of advertising, the current mainstream transmission channel has announced the search engine optimization, micro-blog, WeChat, forums, micro Amoy and other mobile phone applications and so on. No matter what kind of publicity, we should go deep into it. It’s certainly not possible to do only a superficial effort. The market is like a battlefield, and we can’t have good harvest without working hard. Also real-time understanding of the latest news of the Internet, the electricity supplier itself is based on the existence of the Internet, whether from a business point of view or propaganda point of view, we should hold the latest directions of the internet. read more

How many preparations should be made before making a web site

today is Sunday, I would like to give myself a day off, take a rest, think back to do promotion, adhere to, every day a paste, do not see the effect, never turn back. There must be XuSanDuo and never give up spirit.

today, I’d like to say something to my friends who would like to launch the Internet. What are the feelings of the station and what points I should pay attention to?.

one, interest climax,

why interest is the first step in making a station? First of all, I feel a person’s interest, love plays a key role in a person’s success. Just like when we were young, what parents do for us every time we are not understood, not love, let us do something good for its own thing we even do not want to, because of our good things, we are not love things, so if you do effect not good. Just like in the life, a person lets you do a thing, you originally are not willing, in the mind to this matter particularly repugnant, then asks, you can do it well, how the effect that?. Do not see what is popular, what to do, the general competitive hot industry is relatively large, the threshold is relatively high, to spend time, energy, money too much, not suitable for primary webmaster to do, unless you can get to the tens of millions of investment is not a problem. read more

Close integration with the community is the key to expanding the influence of the local gateway

casually Internet continues to develop, the role of the community in the Web2.0 era, more and more attention by the industry. And the growing popularity of the Internet and computer hardware, as well as the localization of Internet information trends, local portals have sprung up in China’s major small and medium-sized cities. Local users visit Sina, Sohu, Tencent and other large portals less and less time, while more time spent browsing the local portal, access to their own lives closely related to local information. Also, the local community is gradually growing up and development of Hangzhou, the 19 floor, Changzhou long lane, Jiangsu Xici, the local community is likely to challenge in the future and the world, create a more influential brand community. Local users demand led to the development of local sites, and the development of local sites and to further explore the local Internet users demand, provide more comprehensive information and communication platform for local users. read more

A 5 year Amoy people complain it is important to choose the right products

before 2012, Ali’s mother is many people Wangzhuan paradise, with many new regulations in 2013 2014, Ali’s mother, many Taobao customers who have transformation, then the transformation of the way where? Here with a small series of Taobao customer experience and the transformation of the way for everyone to refer to a road to.

how do I set foot on this road


I am a rural grass root, origin, there is no doubt that the young have a rich dream, left his hometown after graduating from high school to work out at that time (especially Internet chat with QQ games) are already popular in network, but I have no contact, can be said to the network is a complete "white". read more

An optimized program for a friend website

because the site www.shise365.com temporarily has not been included in Baidu, if want to site traffic, first must be Baidu included. Because in China, most of them are still made of Baidu. So, the first part of the task is to let the site as soon as possible included Baidu.

let Baidu included process

1 goes to the Baidu login portal to submit to the website

2 exchange two links

3 go to Baidu know and stick to send a few posts, and add Web site in which

4 go to a more popular forum, publish a few articles, and bring a link. read more

mprove the website P method section

to improve the website IP method chapter, I have an absolutely novel traffic method, no cost, not hang QQ, not for bidding,

doesn’t go to any forums, chat rooms, Baidu knows, lead people in,

is not doing N stations, blogs and the like, and then do the connection, that will only be exhausted

my simple operation is not tired, the effect is very good, one and a half hours, this half hour is not hard work, high quality IP more than 5000 Paul you every day,

does this for 10 days to bring 1000IP traffic per day from search engines, read more

How to build your own website team

has never thought of having a team of his own, whether working or doing a website, I have no experience in building a team. Since the construction of the "Jieyang home life" to the network, keenly aware of the process from scratch, which to me, is indeed an important experience! So my team is how to set up it? Please allow my article with a little AD, because only in this way can I have the power to write down


I am also a veteran of the experience of building a site, the earliest to do station history can be traced back to 06 years. Over the past few years, because of part-time work, has not been how to go deep into the study of how to do a good job in the site, so do stand level is very general. In early 09, I no longer endure the pain of working, bite my teeth, resign home, ready to do a year of serious web site. read more

How do make a profit through the website

I am a small webmaster, why say small, because my website is a small small website, day IP is not much, PR is not high…… Is not nonsense, straight to the point. First of all, I made a "professional web site Daquan", also known as "net gold family", Baidu once saw. This website has not been very successful, but it has accumulated some experience for me. Then I think, now navigation website too many people, how can’t do too much hao123?. Of course, I just want to Dangdang webmaster, have fun, and not really want to rely on this big fortune. read more

Experience sharing after 80 cock wire webmaster how to earn 8000

Two days before the

in stationmaster net stroll, the chance to see a webmaster openly brag, said that day to earn 6000, first must feel like everyone else, and is the title of the party out reminders cattle does not pay taxes, then also really want to come in and see the reminders cattle market, although the owners but also the grass root. Many day earn over a million years, to be honest, day to earn 6000 is not impossible to achieve, but to create the myth of the webmaster is less, what makes you read more

10 conjectures on the future development trend of small and medium sized talent networks

each have one or more mature talent website, the talent network form and the profit pattern is similar, intense competition, homogenization of serious, every day in the fight fight fight ranking, telephone marketing, registration, fight traffic. Tired? Sure tired. Let go of our work, we will explore, what are the future development trend of talent profit model, how to break the bottleneck of revenue, how to make differentiated competition?


guess one, local headhunter

this business has done in the big city in full swing, and considerable revenue, I am a friend in Shanghai, single handedly opened the headhunter, 2 years to buy a Mercedes benz. With the competition of talent in mainland enterprises becoming more and more fierce, headhunting mode will become a powerful profitable weapon in the latter stage of talent network. read more