How to use the soft flow to seek more site operation making process

      Taobao refers to this kind of film making is engaged in, pat Network test the conversion rate of money of this kind of webmaster webmaster friends, don’t worry about consulting problems before, do not worry about the problem of customer service sales, buyers can only receive commissions, looks like this is very the United States Taobao customers in fact? In fact, Taobao pat off is not easy, the line on the website development promotion will rely on human, material and financial resources, particularly against the recent Baidu search engine Taobao to let these pat off the site difficult to do, in the face of this natural search engine ranking no problem, making Taobao shot only by planning Wencai soft can the guest flow more, then Taobao webmaster how to plan, pat? read more

ALENG blog forced shutdown 30 hours reason analysis

yesterday just returned home, access statistics during the lunch break through the mobile phone check station, but found that traffic seems a little unusual, carefully check the access details, find time to visit the source is actually the final 10:49, starting from 11 until 13 no one came. A little baffling. Go to the main page of the small station, but found the prompt 400 error, all pages are not open. I feel that time is not small black? Then thought not, this is not our station to any other sites in a competitive threat, even if the black out will not get any benefit, then how is it read more

and my Xianlin network

from university to work, to resign, to give up to go to school, from the station to do, to do in the station, back before the day is really very exciting, the third year to do a small game, to learn asp, was purely personal hobbies, didn’t want to make money, but later people come to me to advertise, know the website is how to make money, but also because of this site I know a lot of friends on the network, now there is contact, two is a house and a car, and now think the Internet is really the best start for our young people, the threshold is very low. read more

My web host dream

originally this article is to wait until after the success of writing, because that really has influence, but also more valuable. But why now write? Because Admin5 webmaster such a chance, two is for ring network landlord recruiting a marketing, the most important thing is to kick myself, let oneself no retreat, this is a public commitment. Just like teacher Chen Anzhi’s "no streaking" principle. In fact, the ring network has reached a very critical moment, for the webmaster, I do not have any reason to retreat. read more

Some ways to increase web traffic quickly


in the site webmaster want to site daily flow can tend to infinity, but often do not get the results you want, so there is a method of site traffic increase every kind of, the following cheats is issued through real and effective practice, the webmaster can borrow and carry forward!

1, domain name is not important!


, a web site was first contacted by users, always domain name, just like in reality a person’s name, domain name is your web site in the network name. Trying to get someone to remember your name is the first step to success. That’s why the first thing anyone meets is to send a card to the other party. read more

Website to develop long term goals content is king

1, background

2007, I experienced a bitter history of entrepreneurship network for half a year following a boss, finally ended in failure, parting, and more than 2000 of the wages to the boss did not give me. (later, the phone, I said to him: when one day you ask me to drink the stage a comeback on the line.) to rent where, I suddenly felt a relief, half a year free. Depressed low-cost venture too hard.

a few days later to see some talent network recruitment, there is no suitable position. I this person, you don’t really find work as an editor for me is a pediatrician, do art and a little headache, you don’t have the ability to do technology, website planning, lack of experience, SEO, technology deep, I was such a " door; understand everything plague " people. You say; for what? (there was a petroleum trade company online sales job I feel very suitable for me. Then, I give myself a hint) " I simply start their own businesses, I want to start empty-handed ". read more

Review my BBS ‘ll start all over again

2 years of BBS station, can not succeed, the ball run group of friends I said this station is now half-dead


although this assessment makes me very sad, after all, I have been around for more than 2 years, ah, how can it be like this, but the evaluation is relevant, it is worth my pain and thinking.

what causes my station ( to develop so slowly? Is not a stable space and forum program? Is that Sassafras side is the advertising alliance? Make full stop is, I did not spend more time on this read more

Today’s headlines share secret tips adapt to the rules of the platform and cater to the user’s appet


content entrepreneurship, the quality of the content is important. But the word "quality" is relative. No matter how the quality is defined, the first thing to do is to conform to the rules of the platform and cater to the user’s appetite". Take these two, and no matter which platform you go to, no matter how you develop your content, you can be like a duck to water.


Internet development skilled, we entered the era of self media. People can share the content with the help of the self media platform, which has the characteristics of personal, civilian, general and independent. And this also let us welcome the opportunity of content entrepreneurship. read more

How to change from network marketing rookie to expert man of the hour

marketing is based on the Internet media, in new ways, methods and ideas, through a series of charm of network marketing planning, development and implementation of marketing activities, the more effective the new marketing mode to realize the trading activities of individuals and organizations. Network marketing was born in 1990s and developed in the late twentieth Century. Because of the development of network information technology, the competition among enterprises is getting worse. In order to meet the individual demand of customers, network marketing is developing continuously. read more