nternet business success seven the use of SEO partners optimize the site

1. Understanding SEO

two, site optimization, five steps,

More than

content details can be articles, "Internet business success" (seven): site optimization, five steps to read.

three, use SEO partner to optimize website

search engine optimization (SEO) more and more by the webmaster attention, and now has become an important way of website promotion. Here it is recommended for a webmaster to use "SEO companion" software, software with the optimization of the majority of functions needed, can simplify the complex search query work. The program has the function that inquires the website to rank the position in the three big search engines at the same time, can inquire the position of a keyword of the website in the search engine at the same time. read more

Standing without authority content cannot develop

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why your site search engine will be "punished", "punishment" is not exact, should be included or refused special treatment, why can not be said to be punished, because the website and search is two equal website. Just like two people, all of them are human beings. Why do you give yourself to others for punishment?. The rules of the game are always determined by the strong. read more

How to build a good website

in the form of the global economic crisis, Internet marketing is an increasing topic of concern, companies and personal websites do well is not easy, especially from the network to receive a single more difficult. At present, almost every company has, most individuals with BLOG, then appeared on the Internet a lot of similar or the same site, many sites have their own original content, completely rely on the acquisition to live on this site, we become garbage station, how can we judge a website cons? Want on the website of the network studio judging the quality of understanding as follows. read more

nternet business success three Web server hosting FAQ

in understanding the theory of Internet start-ups knowledge, began to field site business practice operation. In this chapter you will detail how to build a web site that fits the user experience.

one, website page planning and style design

two, the choice of web programming language

three, site database selection,

more detailed reading, to the article "Internet business success" (three): from theory to practice, website establishment of actual combat "see".

four, site hardware requirements and preparation, read more

Analysis of double eleven low behind the practical intention

once a year the day finally came, the lovers and single are busy celebrating the day, the so-called "Festival" atmosphere is very dilute, instead of the businesses are in the golden period of promotion. Because for me, is a ten day, while the double eleven big promotion is


before Lu Songsong blog has seen such a sentence, said now ten a marketing atmosphere more and more strong, many businesses in the people to create out of the festival in a single day a whoop and a holler, imagine and businesses big promotion is what links? So I want to double in eleven affordable at the same time, more is businesses in their own account. read more

Day P10000 Some tips for blogging for novices

I don’t understand why so many people still have to do a website, blog, because now WeChat’s public number is so popular, more opportunities to make money than a website, let alone almost no money blog. As far as the work experience is concerned, the micro signals will be contacted by the company. At least 1000 of the articles will be issued by the company. I have some understanding, a group of stick to the voice of the old webmaster. Years of insistence has become a habit, even for reasons of livelihood and other reasons, more or less doing other work, such as the public number of operations, but also customary to go to an article every day. Or more old waves fought, Sina’s successor. Here, give new people some suggestions, hope to work together, persist, and then succeed. read more

How to be an excellent online marketing staff

in the network era, the marketing industry began to the Internet, from the recruitment of staff, now for the work of the network is increasing, network marketing is relatively, how to be a good salesman we see.

first: product selection

in the choice of products, it is best to choose the big guys love, but also with their own unique personality of the product, if you have a good supply of words to say, there are good sources of advantage is you can based on the fundamental, if there are very good ideas, but also is a good the choice of ah. read more

The night dream cold do not be used malicious website promotion way

website promotion is the webmaster’s top priority, do a good job in promotion, can give the website bring considerable flow and income. To this end, the webmaster in order to do a good job site promotion, racking your brains, and even reached the point of unscrupulous. Promotion plan of all sorts of strange things emerge in an endless stream. As the saying goes: "gentleman loves money, in a proper way, just as the natural means of promotion but malicious promotion means no ground for blame, some Adsense take is very objectionable, seriously disrupting the lives of others, causing adverse effects. read more

Unique music tribe website planning book

looking for resources: China Adsense Station – icon, station emblem, picture material.

large professional website: love music forum in the music forum Songtaste 100 lotus pictures.

alternative music: for example, foreign folk songs – Scotland, Georgia, Russia, Africa, strike primitive music.

site color: Black – silver grey – light blue

features: the only feature of the place, to keep visitors, only to find he (she) who love interest, or be able to play to show themselves where they will be back, such as graffiti, let everyone share their song, the mood process, their own resources to vote. Find some of their favorable things such as software set members to download, such as computer in the "classic" visual images…… read more

Novice Adsense do eight don’t do

I have made a lot of mistakes in website construction, and I have made some mistakes. Fortunately, there are friends who do stand and many users pointing, avoid many unnecessary detours. Free taste not only drink fruit, not only happy card. Today, with the vast number of new personal web site owners talk about their experiences and lessons, lists the new site in the process of making all kinds of mistakes, summed up as "eight do not".

1. don’t change the location of the website. read more