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sometimes a person can influence the development of an industry. For the cocktail industry, this person is Liu, Xiao Dong.

More and more people

Abstract: in 2002, Liu Xiaodong found with vodka, whiskey, brandy, wine and juice blending, filling production, cost about 3 yuan pre cocktails is a more profitable than the essence of the industry, so the birth of RIO, there is a huge crisis.

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in September 2016, he opened the virtual reality experience store in Handan.

he shook his head, "finished, that day."… There’s no more business". read more

ndividual stationmaster only innovation can realize website value betterA SEO beginners voice


of course, there are many factors that may affect the development of personal networks, and there are many ways to realize the value of your website. But I think personal AdSense for innovation, is the most basic method.

personal website is the same, then the personal webmaster who try to achieve the value of the website, what is it? How can better realize the value of personal website?

often more innovative individual webmaster, the more likely to realize the maximum value of personal website. Individual stationmaster wants to try hard to accomplish "the person does not have I have, person has me fine"". In the content of the site, we should try to be original. Only in this way, visitors to the website will be able to visit your website again, so that the traffic will go up slowly. Personal webmaster can imagine that if you visit a website, can not find the information you want, you will visit such a site again, read more

How can the advertising alliance achieve long term development and achieve win win results with the

even more cruel is that many public equity raised platform operation team is the internet background, there is no professional investment team, the lack of ability to control the wind as harmonic, also did not carry out the best harmony wind control idea, thought with the cast lead investor + mode, fix a few VC, let VC send the project over to raise public after the completion of a 5% fee, you can sleep without any anxiety, even if investors lose everything, also said no, he has earned the financial intermediary fees anyway. read more

Taobao customer of Amoy has become the trend of pure small Taobao off the wayToday’s headlines a con

gave birth to the emerging industry Taobao customers, from Taobao customers, started off with a large pure Taobao website, video website, portal website income difference is not large, but later development is more and more obvious, Taobao off road large vertical as Amoy movie web site, joke novel website, website, courier and other income and pure Taobao passenger station, Taobao, Taobao Shopping for Refund, Taobao rebates net income has reached a very different effect. Just do Taobao customers, where are the way out, read more

Mom you playing meSeveral things to be prepared before making a Taobao site

second aspects, to consider whether to do a single page or web site. Do a single page is just a product or shop list page, simple and clear, purposeful, user experience is high. The disadvantage is that a single page is hard to do in SEO. Website to function on a relatively complete, there are goods, shops, information, as well as members, rebates and other functions, rich information, functional diversity, SEO is relatively good to do. But the relative effort and financial resources of doing a website will be a little bit more. Do guest to consider their own way. read more

At the beginning of the new year talk with the webmaster friends about nternet businessBeginner to

today we next want to do some skills to pay attention to their choice of space program Wangzhuan friends:

The quality of

The number of online

may be above said so much, you will feel not too much, and my topic in fact, I want to know how many friends is a kind of what I have said, perhaps some friends will say, I belong to the last one, as E said, in this the age of Internet, I chose the Internet business, do not rush to work every day, do not see people face to act. Of course, some sites do not have advantages and worry, profit what life, what to feed all the problems in front of the family and so on, of course, since the choice of business, nature will do a protracted war, the general site early few short time profit, is the long suffering to return. read more

Three problems needing attention in writing soft text

marketing is very important now, many people even willing to spend thousands of dollars to find the gunmen writing a piece of soft Wen, visible soft bring marketing effect is how powerful, a good article can make your site to form a good reputation, so as to realize the viral marketing effect, since the effect is so soft well, then writing a good article is also very difficult, need to have good planning but also pay attention to methods and skills very much, let the author give you a summary written three aspects need to pay attention to the soft, hope to be able to help read more

Life can only buy a product so wonderful vertical electric providers can succeed

text / electricity supplier veteran matador (WeChat public number torero2013)

yesterday’s entertainment headlines than Kung Fu Kid Wu Jing and female anchor Xie Nan’s wedding, circle of friends, big names, all to the scene. At the wedding, Xie Nan live show, Wu Jing with ID card customized huge diamond, worth tens of millions of Taiwan dollars, equivalent to about two million yuan. This is a what kind of ring actually need ID to buy? Veterans as early as in May 6th Xie Nan noted that micro-blog has a following micro-blog: "once in a lifetime, a lifetime wedding Darry ring, thank you, Mr. Wu, your precious promise". read more

9 will make web design effects greatly reduced

a good web design is not only eye-catching, but also able to maintain user interest. The perfect combination of fonts, colors, spaces, and content can make a nice design, increase user stickiness, and a bad web design also lets users run away from your web site.

1, there is not enough blank

blank is the most important part of the design. It prevents users from getting tired of browsing the web, which allows them to distance themselves from content. Whitespace is not necessarily white; it is just a space for spacing and buffering for other design elements. read more

The site failed to achieve the ultimate reason for real profits

webmaster word, everyone has different experience. Sesame believes that the webmaster as commander in chief, but if the commander has no soldiers, then it is a polished pole commander, no matter how much effort, it seems difficult to achieve real profits. Therefore, here, sesame first to write, but also that the most important thing is to have their own team. Only a team can produce more long-term profits. Also hope that friends can still fight a lone battle, and strive to build their own team, through collective efforts, will be the site to be the strongest, truly achieve the ultimate profit. read more