Adsense service type website how to use soft text marketing promotion

network promotion topic no matter how it is still a commonplace talk of an old scholar hot discussion, the type of service here and push media network and we exchange website (IDC, webmaster software alliance, etc.) should be how to use soft Wen promotion. As we all know, there are two main channels for network promotion: hard wide and soft wide. Hard on the Internet is the advertising picture we usually see about products and services. General in the promotion before, to clarify their target customers, such as webmaster service type website face customer groups is the main station, in the process of promoting the first choice gathered in all kinds of webmasters place to do promotion, such as webmaster webmaster forum Webmaster Tools stand up information meter of various websites, such as the better known as A5 stationmaster net, can do hard wide publicity in the above, through hard Guangneng bring more attention to the site and volume. read more

How to play the value of power website reprint articles be promoted step by step


since Baidu through a series of algorithm shows the importance of the original content, personal websites have deviated from the copy line, go on the original road, but by observing the long time we can find most of the original content of personal websites are not compliance of the original, or is interrupted or re inserted into the content keywords, only 100-300, this text put content together to


in fact, as a personal station grow up, you do not have to reprint the value of a shot killed, reprinted articles can also help the website to get the search engine friendly. Pay attention to domestic news of the webmaster friends will find a lot of news content of Phoenix Tencent, Sohu, Sina, the portal is similar or the same, but the content of the title is included but each one has its own merits, are very good, and this is called the reprint value. read more

Email marketing process of the golden rule optimize user experience chapter

in the Email marketing process, as long as the enterprise follows the following three elements for fine operation, will be in the user experience to get good results:

1, integration:

According to a survey by

, a well-known consulting research firm, Jupiter, the future of email marketing will be fully integrated and coordinated with other data and channels. Email mail, which has accurate positioning and uses other data, is 4 times more effective than the podcast strategy. Because it emphasizes the concept of participation. Through the integration of email and other marketing strategies, marketers can fully understand customer needs to strengthen the relevance and participation. That’s the secret of cultivating loyal customers. read more

A brief discussion on the operation of regional forums in the context of O2O

since 2000, the forum as a form of Internet, it carries China around the Internet users to obtain the corresponding network information, information dissemination, information exchange and other actions, the development until now, although China Internet forum users and activity from the overall perspective are not as good as before, but China still has a regional Development Forum good, such as broadband mountain forum, Xicihutong, Tianfu community etc.. With the advent of O2O era and 2013 hot background, regional forums as closer to the local potential consumers than the portal website and other sites, is bound to change with the O2O tide of the operational aspects of the forum, have a greater chance of profit practice. Below the author on the O2O background Regional Forum operation, expounds some personal views. read more

Baidu included also useless

first began to do stand, think that as long as the Baidu included, will flow to Everfount, is actually wrong, although in the previous article said that my station soon was collected, but did not seem to be what improvement, from Baidu to put out now, is today and recorded 5 this article, also should not put out previously included, but the flow is basically no change in the flow of for basic zero.

after thinking, are not such a thing, summed up, because it is my chosen keywords too casual too big, although early look at the word man on Baidu in the front row are some two or three pages, feel the competitiveness should not, according to some online to see the tutorial, I made about title, keyword frequency is just good, but why Baidu is now included in the Baidu hand even seventy-fifth pages are not ranked on? I read some pages no such keywords man ah, hope that the master can tell me. read more

Jiangxi Health Network ten years of dreams come true

  I am Hyun Fai, about his net ten years of dribs and drabs, and on the Internet business feelings.

ten years seems like a dream, life only. Ten years ago, I harbored a strong interest in the Internet into this bottomless pit, resolute heart, so I never regretted. An inexperienced webmaster in the growing practice, fail to climb up, I once again remind ourselves, insist on is victory.

from the homepage to the flashy without substance, a variety of content of the forum, to Everything is contained therein. local portal evolution, one after another, I have experienced different pain and suffering. A huge site, just a person to success, it is difficult to go to the blue sky. read more

Explore the reasons for the increasing popularity of plagiarism collection stations

Baidu to start copying collection station of a series of severe blow from June, but recently I found a copy of the site has not been collected in the fight against K, ranking also more and more high, what is the reason for copying acquisition station also has ranked stable? Let us see a few screenshot, confirm the site for copying collection station.

article content is all plagiarism collection, in which the most A5 collection, and this is why I found the site, and then we’ll look at the flow of this site and included. read more

Compared with the mainstream products Chinese million net channel configuration and price

in the IDC service providers the most well-known, I always is the most promising China channel and million net, as the new network, new network, Internet era, resources and unlimited communications (by the new network branch, now defunct), I think they are, and if network is not a grade. Two new network products are too garbage, the era of Internet, resources often send spam advertising, garbage sales phone calls, its corporate image is too bad.

I personally believe that the current domestic IDC products, the best is China channel and million net, but the price compared to China million net channel is much higher. read more

Looking at the personal website orientation from the fortune boy

‘s personal website after the rain is like spring Sheng, every day I do not know how many new owners have every day; and don’t know how many webmaster leave this piece of Red Sea; network is the wealth of wealth is heaven, hell, heaven or hell, this choice has a great relationship and positioning at the beginning of the site webmaster.

was once a story, is a river of gold, many people went to mining, someone is not to dig, he only wants, he made the results more than anyone; I want to say is the personal website cannot have vast resources, how do you locate read more

Baidu has begun blocking blog posts with links

site SEO, in order to get a good ranking, the chain is very important factor. SeoER do the chain is one of the essential work. The construction of external links, links exchange, to join the open directory, BBS post, write blog articles, with links, addresses and so on. And in the weight website to apply for blog, write with links Bowen is very effective method.

I apply for several Sina blogs (the highest weight of Sina blog), send a few articles every day on the website, and then indicate at the bottom of the article, the article from what website, leave a link address. Soon, about two hours, Baidu will be able to include this blog post, and can reverse link to the site left behind. Almost every one will be able to include an article. This effect is really good, it is easy to Baidu spider lured to the site above. read more