Comments from comments on Lu Songsong’s blog

Lu Songsong in the latest blog article "new website" comments on how to do SEO optimization, has brought me more than the flow of Baidu! My blog traffic has been, I find the reasons from two aspects.

search from this aspect, the main server is not stable and the horse. This is the main reason! Before the stable period, when the flow of Baidu most I remember Liubaiduoyi reached about four hundred in normal days!! now only about ten of the Baidu! Not to flow from last March to the host space does not renew, take my space to delete nearly a month. I was on a business trip, the blog set for automatic release, so I did not find it, after this event, Google quickly restored to me, Sogou also slowly restored. Sohu did not have much traffic, although included a lot, may be Sogou users less, must also return to the previous. Youdao and other search has not given me traffic. Is this search and Baidu, and so far has not been restored to me! read more

‘m so tired sometimes even want to work in the fields

flash, playing computer already three or four years. Play computer being drilled many dead end. Trying to find some can walk the path station, also do a lot of, can not continue. In addition to several garbage that several stations suspended in midair, do not know what is left. In the eyes of others, it seems that people who live on the Internet are too relaxed, every day to open the computer, access to the Internet is enough,.

although the income has been hungry, can not die, relative to the investment and that once in front of the world dream is a lot worse. Into the Internet, just tired of secular life and hypocrisy. Always believe that when you give, you will get it. But if God does not exist, or why not see pay and sad recently I silently, always felt in the overdraft life, take their own body to make bets. Results out of their mouth every day without smoke, because in front of the computer, really boring. Often at night can’t sleep sleep problems in psychology, fast speed, and quiet, no one disturb. During the day to sleep until the afternoon, but helpless have to go to work. And then have a meal at night and stay up all night like a madman,. read more

Analysis vip com’s success is by no means without brain

now product categories from apparel extended to cosmetics, directly to this war, the struggle between electricity suppliers will also be up to the white hot stage, and from a recent activity can be seen, features such as the way of selling still has a very strong appeal, from the number of people flow the special sale and businesses to participate in the activities of can be seen, this model can be said is customer satisfaction, businesses can profit, is a win-win. The business category extends to the cosmetics industry, can be said to be a huge and adjust their strategy, so as Houlaizhixiu, why dare to challenge their predecessors? What have such clout? In fact, since the birth date, has been controversial, many people think that it is the success of the market the opportunity, in my opinion, the success of instead is a kind of wisdom and perseverance to forge operation. read more