What advertising alliance

on the other domestic advertising alliance. I have applied for the 114 alliance, alliance achievement… And so on a lot of advertising alliance on the website launched their ads, total payment time, remember to give me the best impression is 114 of the league, in December 31st of that year my account inside 10 Fen […]

This is the key of enterprise station optimization

Why? All people are asking questions. answer is wrong. is the first problem, optimization of the keywords you choose right? make a simple analogy, I do now is an environmentally friendly company sewage treatment equipment in the station, drawn up by the boss finalized keywords, keywords is (sewage treatment equipment), optimization of personnel to work […]

2013 website optimization suggestions

some Adsense is love staring at some popular keywords, the results do not, they refused to give up. In fact, when too popular keywords should give up should give up, do not go up unnecessary reluctantly, lest waste of time and money, finally nowhere. For individual webmaster, we can focus on the long tail keywords […]