Analysis and comparison of BTAUTO love card network

research background

automotive website is a large flow of Web site direction, general PV traffic is very high.

currently has two types, one is for the portal site sub channels appear, one is as an independent website, appear as the sub channel is often some of the big portal, a type of car subdivision independent website, also has a comprehensive bus station.

research purposes

choose some car website as the research site, the website content construction, website promotion, product function analysis, comparison and choice in several directions of automobile research search engine keyword analysis, analysis of these types of cars is mainly from what keywords. read more

Local home improvement industry portal operating line activities is the key

this Internet entrepreneur (stationmaster) general assembly, Xianning hot line regards Xianning area as the only special guest unit to attend a meeting, real feeling feels honoured times. At the meeting, Internet entrepreneurs from all over the country shared their real experience without reservation. For the webmaster of these small cities, we really benefited greatly. Especially the local vertical industry portal this one, many Montana have come up with their own means. The author analyzes several key current domestic local vertical industry, real estate, home, marriage, cars, travel, personnel of these industry profit model is relatively straightforward, operation methods also have a copy of the place, and thus become the focus of competition for the local area, so the author today to discuss with you the operation method. Local Jiezhuang industry portal. read more

APP operations how to find target users improve retention

for start-ups, when a product starts operations at the beginning, if there can be explosive growth, dreaming will laugh. Although it is difficult, if you can have a good start, who do not want to draw the cake bigger, have a more healthy business blueprint to become the industry benchmark, then the next question is how to keep users. This article will analyze how the start-up company does the operation from two aspects: how to find the target users and how to retain the users.

product growth: find accurate target users read more

How to do a monthly income of over million County Talent Network

I contact network 3 years operation, talent network for 3 years, from scratch, from there to the food and clothing, from food and clothing to the well-off, has reached a monthly income of 5000, of course, is the average, website operators like business, is also a season of points. Summary from the local situation, the annual 2, 3 and April is the peak season, 5 and June is the off-season, 7 and August is another small climax, 9, 10 and November in general, December and second January is off-season. Said above is to tell everyone, do anything serious, to study, to explore and grasp the law, we adjust the marketing idea, make the off-season, the season more prosperous, so thousand not far behind. Thousand Funing talent network goals and directions for the next two years. One cannot live without money, but without money, one cannot live. So we are not so great, to do selfless dedication, talent collection of high-level members of the cost is reasonable, but also for the majority of enterprises accepted. The key is that your website is popular, enterprises in your website can recruit people, as long as they can recruit people, money is not a problem. read more

B2B’s profit model and company architecture

The author has published in the

before the "bright future" B2B vertical portals, in that article a detailed interpretation of the prospect of ideas for the operation of B2B website, here but more elaborate, today want to share with you is B2B website profit model and the structure of the company. We hope to help,.

, first look at Wei Zhe four points of view, interpret B2B:

1 and B2B can not be understood as businessmen to businessmen, should be understood as businessmen to businessmen. It’s hard for you to get an enterprise to come to your website every day, but you can have a businessman come to your site every day. read more

Added after the net long arm webmaster please carefully make a station

: "the net long arm carefully do Webmaster Station" actually I took a very important thing to me because I am missing, what comes to my head, here will explain my family problems, move CP platform, doodle platform, MOP SMS alliance, also is that the closing time, the cause of all. What is known in it must be said, not to say, they know, and suffer from flesh.


after squat network supervisor branch about 10 days or so, should I offer my superior cooperation contact and payment account information, my QQ classification is very clear (when there is no phone contact, is QQ), also they know my QQ password, but they have not been finally catch me not to know. read more

How can the group buying model be profitable and attract investment

buy class website in 2011 after a blowout development, in 2012, it entered the "year of life and death"". Currently, buy site differentiation two increasingly serious, one side continues to be sought after by the capital, while the collapse is facing financing shortage. Group purchase reshuffle soon, this article from the investor’s point of view to analyze the future industry group purchase is going to develop? It’s value and profit model can get rid of the burn by way of self revolution to achieve breakthrough innovation read more

Google domain name cannot be parsed normally but can be accessed with P

just heard his friend say Google can not access, first startled, but later used his student 114 ( on the link to visit, really can not access. And then directly enter the URL access, or still can not access. Then I think Google is really having a problem.


Google server is made by itself and is distributed all over the world, responsive to millions of visits per day. Unique lines, even if some server problems, it will not affect the normal use of users. I think the Google server is unlikely to have a problem (hardware). Then think about it. Maybe there’s something wrong with the software. Maybe it’s bug or something. Because the possibility of Google servers being attacked is very small. read more

College student network when you are your boss help more people start their business

      entrepreneurship starts with freshman;  

        my name is Zhao Jiade, born in 1982 in Liaoning, Jinzhou Province, a member of the CPC, in 2000, was admitted to the Department of mathematics, Bohai University. I am a webmaster, but also a loyal fan of Admin5 webmaster network. When I entered college, the first concept came into my mind: "I want to make money."". Because the tuition fee, pocket money is running out, I can’t let my parents worry about my life, because from a remote rural to students at the university must learn to self-reliance, family conditions of the poor children early masters, I am no exception. read more

How to add some original articles for the website

recently, my website rankings continue to occur a series of dramatic changes, why is my website regularly every day two or three articles of the original article, I will write the original? No, I am writing to why utterly ignorant of, this effect, because I will change the original others into your station in.. These all depend on A5’s predecessors have done, my approach is provided for reference to their original, I mainly chose one to do, the results of the site better, ranking there have been signs of rising, I believe that as long as I persist, the website ranking will strive for further improvement. read more

A fire to Digest magazine web site promotion but failed

said the website promotion, casually on the network collided, there is a kind of website promotion way, it seems very nice, but had little effect, this is the web site promotion.

and everyone, bookmarks, bookmarks, bookmarks, bones Gaga reader group…… These websites all exist, but there are few really influential websites!

in the journal era, to "reader", "meaning" as the representative of the Digest magazine, circulation has a lot, but many readers, so, the mode of operation used on the site, it should be said is a very good way, but for many of the needs of the website promotion stationmaster, do in this website, should also be very effective, "the desire is good, the reality is very skinny, web site which is strong, really can not find such a website. read more

How do link my blog site

my personal website is two days half a month, the middle of this half a month, the use of spare time doing optimization (site content optimization, chain optimization, pseudo static, search engine optimization, etc.), this article extend my early (optimization) some of the Links operation share it to everyone, this is my real operating records, and can not guarantee in accordance with what I say can obtain much PV/IP.

The beginning of the establishment of the new

I added several network promotion group, the station construction inside the group shouted a few voice, "almost one response", "almost inevitable, the link", new sites can not find a satisfactory Links is normal, don’t worry, worry can not solve the problem not so, mouth sores, have no appetite…… Mentality, the mentality is very important, to maintain a "normal", does not. Conversely, think about, new sites are usually new corn, no right heavy, no ranking, no PR, like this "three no personnel", others with what you want to communicate chain, so ask yourself will solve the knot. First of all you need to know, others and you exchange links, your site must be helpful or progress to him, if you belong to the "three persons", even if you have "one thousand links reason" is also very difficult to impress others and you exchange links. read more

Grass roots Webmaster miss the sun please don’t miss the moon again

today is September 9, 2009, every time I encounter such a special moment, I always feel that I should do something to remember this day, but 09, 09 minutes, 09 seconds, I missed it, I feel very pity. We often hear a sentence, "miss the sun, don’t miss the moon", if you miss the sun, you also miss the moon, it really missed. Now that you miss 090909, don’t miss the next 101010, or you’ll continue to regret it.

do not know the webmaster have such regret, inadvertently missed some meaningful things. Time waits for no man, and when it is past, it will not come again, so we must grasp the present. read more

Do alternative industry stationmaster net

do website promotion friends will often use soft Wen promotion way, put yourself some website promotion or website operators to share with you, and in the name of some place to write on their website and website promotion, in every webmaster network or the famous IT writing forum. This will often give themselves to promote the site to bring a lot of traffic, and greatly enhance the visibility of enterprises and websites.

so do industry website whether we can learn the same website stationmaster net in the industry to open up a channel or at least a column of special industry soft, this channel or column provides a text upload or submission of the entrance. Industry soft Wen, that is, a research or comment on the industry. Of course, the industry soft Wen, compared to ordinary, we write the web site of the soft Wen difficulty is bigger, there is no certain industry in a certain precipitation, not easy to write out. But we do the industry website, should guide the industry insiders write more industry soft Wen, guide them in your industry website, so that not only enrich your content, and make the site more than a hot column. read more

A little white website experience

actually have a strangely familiar complex on the Internet, I feel that the dream will be realized on the Internet (what dreams, don’t tell you) but many years later, also spent so many years, the Internet has been to stay in the game, a lot of time lost in unnecessary upgrade. I I believe there will always be a reason things for you to do something you don’t care too much about.

day to see friends made a website to let me have a look, I think it is the website of high level technology, almost no professional don’t want to make friends, do a QQ station, saying the industry belongs to the garbage station, in fact the garbage garbage does not matter, for me this door I am Chinese, can do is a very cattle X. I also try to utterly bored, do. read more

500 fans create 100 thousand reading quantity how to do it

in the WeChat circle of friends to see other people share the link, open it, there are 100 thousand + reading quantity. We often see this situation, let I envy. But what about the 100 thousand + reading of WeChat? Is it the direct result of the content? Or is it the base number of the WeChat public number fan?


, let’s pick up the article and read the 100 thousand + article. How did you do it?.

in WeChat before the circle of friends have been such a popular article, the name "is a mutual affection for you, not for you is the duty". This article has been scraper circle of friends, because this article author wrote down a dripping feeling. read more

By the nternet events guess network marketing will take the high end route

first, I said "network marketing will take the high road" is not random, please look down:


is CCTV exposure bid in 08 years, so many ordinary people are aware of the bidding effect is more and more bad, the training institutions (Chengdu Lawo) is the case, there are bidding over the flow of quality is more and more low.

in the year of the advertising industry has not yet formed on the occasion, people on the advertising creative feel fresh and is willing to accept now, creative advertising overwhelming, everywhere, even in the glory see news stories make people excited, many outsiders will not say that "speculation". read more

How to maintain the consistency of visual design of commodity websites

‘s consistency in design (uniformity) is an important part of web design that allows your design to communicate effectively without causing confusion or anxiety. An effective way to ensure consistency is to write formal design style standards documents, commonly known as visual specifications. This document specifies the design guidelines that must be followed in the graphical user interface design of a product or series of products. By following these guidelines, keeping the visual elements in the same size and size will help make these elements easier to assemble into a new design when you need them. read more

How to build your career on the nternet 2

we’ve made an outline here, and the next thing we’re going to talk about is what’s going on around the outline. What we’re going to talk about today is how the website is conceived.

we know that a career is to have a goal, not blindly recklessly, like the 9A webmaster Wangzhuan, its goal is for the majority of owners has more money making ideas, 9A webmaster Wangzhuan can express their slogan is: to learn as A5, for the station service. Build a website, advance planning is very important, I here plan does not allow you to write the business plan, at least I think it is not what help for a personal webmaster, you have to do is to calm down and imagine, why should I build the station, I built the site is what or what to originality, than the similar website is excellent, can attract users, how to realize the profit after the establishment of the website, we all know the website promotion largely determines the success or failure of this website, you have not thought about how to promote the website? About the idea of the website, in memory, I sent this article on A5, in order to more people can learn, I say here again: read more

Do B2B industry website homepage design establish good first impression

11 sections in this report in front of, I have B2B industry website page design into one element, with each color, navigation bar, title bar, content, advertising design, buttons, etc. from the search box frame, to do a systematic explanation. This section, I will from the overall point of view of the B2B industry portal home page design to do some narrative, to explain the different design elements applied to the home note. The general design method of 11 sections in the above already mentioned, will not repeat them here, readers want to know if the design method of each element in more detail, to see this report in front of 11 sections. read more