Advertisers drop back meaning video site test

Zhang Zhaoyang and Lv Wensheng Sohu excited net in Shanghai only once, hit it off to plan the national 110 party copyright "anti piracy alliance", and launched a 100 million yuan price action on the video site Youku drama. The first reaction to the drama is likely to be the advertiser and the Internet video site saying goodbye.

Advertising Association issued a warning, carefully posted video site

controversy over copyright in online video is not new and has been heard in recent years. But this time it has become the focus of the industry, and it has nothing to do with advertisers being implicated. read more

Grassroots webmaster if you do a classified information station

with the growing demand for advertising, classified information stations are becoming more and more fire, and do more and more people. At present, the domestic classified information stations have go to market nets, people nets, etc., but for our grassroots webmaster, it is impossible to make so big at once, if you start from a small station,


I think we can proceed from the following points: take the Guangzhou territory as an example to illustrate:

1, information localization as a breakthrough, a little developed cities, many people need to find a house, rent a house, find a job, classified information stations can take this as a breakthrough, focusing on the release of rental information. read more

Did you use the long tail theory

marketing people know the famous long tail theory, in brief, the long tail theory refers to when goods, circulation. Show space and channel wide enough, the production costs of goods fell sharply, so that each can be produced, and the cost of sales of goods declined sharply, almost any previously seemingly low demand products, as long as there are people who sell someone will buy, the total sales of these products is not high demand and sales add up to the hot product sales volume and be roughly the same. In fact, website is the same, we can not do a strong competitive ability, we are going to do seemingly unpopular, but there is a demand of the site, do not look at small demand, we can open the big market as well. Because the most popular are very competitive, very strong people are doing, it is difficult for us to stand firm in this line. So sometimes we must grasp the long tail theory. read more

Analysis of how to use micro blog to brand building online shop


fast communication function for many professional marketing personnel, some time ago, Zhao Zhenzhi be struck dumb, dispute, micro-blog played a role, and even a lot of famous movie stars have to shut down micro-blog, this is due to the rapid spread of micro-blog’s share of a lot of people did not expect, eventually because of their own in the comments on the error, cause to take the initiative to close the micro-blog Public clamor can melt metals., facing the embarrassment of

! read more

Domain name typical textbook a name difference of twists and turns

The role of

in the domain of the website, is often a "multiplier" effect, so that the good domain is the dream of many people, the local terminal in the choice of domain name often will choose a representative website and can be conducive to the promotion of.Com,.Cn domain name, of course, because of the existence of other factors, not all applications the terminal can be registered to the relevant domain name, the domain name can be traded, more and more terminal realized this good domain name registration, domain name investors, can bring some opportunities. read more

Local websites should follow the road of their own characteristic development

has recently sold bulk links on its Web site, and some local websites are under the banner of local news networks in order to boost their business. These websites, from the site optimization degree and soft Wen yield point of view, the overall fairly good, but in the website ranking is very deficient, the website weight can be ignored. See these stationmaster for small profit, sell the website that just built up oneself, psychology is regrettable really. Now, write about your friends, establish regional news network experience, hoping to give short-sighted novice Adsense a revelation, cherish their work achievements. read more

LOGO site planning of the silver key website promotion of gold signs

After a long period of mental arrangement and planning,

finally decided to start the construction of the network. The first step to starting the site is definitely positioning me on the design of the site LOGO, which has just been finalized. This step to come, too deep, and share with you.

first, the core of all my experience is "LOGO: the silver key of website planning, the golden signboard of website promotion"". The experience comes from what I understand about the importance of LOGO to a website. read more

7 year takeaway dining table network profit space is only 5%

makes a profit of 30% on the table and 25% of the operating and marketing costs, leaving about 5% of the profit margin. It is estimated that 800 square meters of central kitchen will run between 2 million 600 thousand and -400 million a month.

quality takeaway, the most important thing is to grasp 2 points: merchant choice, delivery time, but the cost is very high, the table network model has about 5% of the profit margins.

Jiang Xin, the founder of the

table network, said, "I’m the first person to take Chinese food away.". read more

Blog 8th Anniversary want the world to be a little different for me

who would have thought the blog had been running for eight years?.

for eight years, only made a website: Lou loose blog.

and I moved from a young man to a middle-aged man.

I had lost, in the blog second years "I am who blog" this article is the most confused, then every Wednesday of original articles, unshakable wrote a year, really a little at the end of the feeling of sharing are written.

, and confused, at any time, in July 2010, such as this "blog period", trouble every day racking their brains, can not write anything. read more

After 90 college students to pay back to the village

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, and in each year in the whole society will appear a lot of college students entrepreneurs, then say the entrepreneur, he is a successful student entrepreneurs.

in Yongsheng Dazhu County of Sichuan province township Maliu village, a college student named Wang Mingdong. The chicken in this business, he had now worked hard hard, full of sound and colour. In August 4th, the author braved the heat into the village of Liu Liu group of Wang Mingdong’s home. "Look for the thing, I will do it seriously!" In the chat, temperament, he told the author, I have deep feelings for his hometown, want to give full play to their expertise to learn, to lead the villagers to get rich together." read more

A webmaster question SNS website how to pull

"the biggest difficulty is how to pull." Yimeng home station

at the beginning of August, in Comsenz (Comsenz) and iResearch consulting (iResearch) jointly launched the 2008 "fourth investigation" development of China Internet community activities, many owners on how to treat the SNS new opportunities "discussions, the owners questioned and difficulties: how can the SNS website for more


looks at SNS’s communication model, including, but not limited to:

1, real life communication. SNS (social relations network) reflects the user’s real social relations, information authenticity, high degree of user confidence, common among friends, colleagues, language communication, such as: 5G. read more

How do you make your code clearer simpler and more powerful

this article is extracted from the first chapter of the code of neatness, which is considered one of the books that programmers must read. But the good books not only give you the tools and technology, more is the thinking process, almost Zen, of course, this book is consistent with this definition. This chapter has the least technical elements and is suitable for people in every field.

read this book for two reasons. First, you’re a programmer; second, you want to be a better programmer. Very well. We need better programmers. read more

How to get ahead of the trend of the network to drive web traffic


site itself, whether it is original, collection, or articles collected again after modification to expand the capacity of the website and the amount collected, the purpose of all this is to drive traffic, and when many webmaster every day at the Baidu search rankings, do related keywords of the article. Effect can not always achieve the desired results, at least not in the first page. I’d like to say something about myself. In recent days, Google’s PR update, perhaps in order to help a few friends, the original domain name PR is 3, after the update fell to the pr2. When depressed, even some links also took me away, I don’t know if this keyword ranking influence. But it is estimated that Google ranking will have an impact, specifically, I Google through the past few days to IP most of the less. Today, this is not my point, after all, Google has withdrawn from china. Today I talk about how to get ahead of the Internet trends related keywords, to improve the site traffic ideas. Simple ideas, methods, or rely on everyone to apply. read more

Baidu ranking and Baidu drop the relationship between rights

some time ago, I wrote an article in A5, "how to avoid being dropped by Baidu in the process of optimizing SEO websites". The article details the details of how to avoid being dropped by Baidu in the optimization process. However, recently, I studied SEO optimization and Baidu ranking algorithm, found: Baidu ranking and Baidu drop weight between the existence of a certain relationship.

for example illustrate more clearly: I have such a station, there is a (Baidu keyword index is about 1000), stable ranking in Baidu second pages, no matter how hard I try to optimize, the key is not so bad, the ranking lasted more than half a year, may be due to it was too impatient, increasing optimization efforts, which increased the keywords of the anchor text in a large number of each original article, after a week, the keyword ranking plummeted, no! All the keywords plummeted, home also is down right, the entire station was drop right Baidu. Because I understand the problem for any cause, take a week to a pressing matter of the moment, all to anchor text keywords and articles immediately, without any keyword anchor text to update, a month later, home rehabilitation, more happy is also the keyword rankings to Baidu the first page read more

Blogger’s experience inspire your blog writing

A lot of friends of

station in great enthusiasm, but does the visits back then many webmaster scanty, to blog, write to us bloggers, as long as there is time on the line, not too much can get something, but also know a lot of friends.

But the

blog has a problem with some methods, it is difficult to calm down the habits of many friends said, so today we will talk about how to find inspiration from his blog.

1. check the message on the blog

as the owner of the blog, you need to listen carefully to the voice of every message, they may ask a question you can solve, perhaps they will tell you that they want to know what, there may even follow-up reports they want to see you before an article. read more

Make your website your own sideline

according to my observation and understanding, the individual webmaster who chooses the website to start a business is most of the young people who have just graduated or are still on campus. Not yet own career, but want to have their own career, or out of interest, chose to do a web site to start business.

most of the personal webmaster in technology, experience, energy aspects are very limited, coupled with the fierce competition in the internet. The website venture destined to have a long period which is unknown to the public, most of the owners of the state, if you are in school, with more than learning website, updated articles and so on is very easy. Slowly accumulate, as a student, you are not very dependent on their income, because there is money to spend your home, the site can earn money as pocket money, and even do not make money, out of interest is also very good. But if you have left the campus, it is time to start your own career, you also choose to do poineering work, it is necessary to straighten out its position in life. Many webmaster is left, never learned the language of the web site, from scratch, it was lack of technical experience, starting from the station to the site do success requires a prolonged. read more

Enterprise new network operation team assessment three steps

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises begin to carry out network marketing, want to do network marketing is to set up his own team, many business owners don’t understand network marketing, do not know how to manage the network team, not to mention how to check their work. The following machine to share a single Jen information, Xuan Peng teacher’s new formation, operation team assessment, three steps song.

did you do the performance appraisal correctly,


has just set up the team, put all positions in accordance with the importance of drawing coefficient, such as the coefficient of the whole network operations is 1, edit the proportion is 0.3, accounting for 0.2 of promotion, customer service accounted for 0.5, as long as the bonus, everyone according to their coefficient of commission, for example, the boss gave me this month are 10000 departments dollars, the editor accounted for 0.3, with 3000 dollars; promotion accounted for 0.2, with 2000, according to each position made coefficient, but this assessment right read more

Car home and BTAUTO interlocking are required to trade

China’s car sales are accelerating, according to data released by the China automobile industry association. In 2013, China’s auto sales 21 million 984 thousand and 100, an increase of 13.87%. In 2014, auto sales is expected to reach 24 million, equivalent to the United States, Japan and Germany in 2013 the market scale and! Plus car service, second-hand car, car rental, the market scale reached trillions, in addition to real estate could not find such a "money" industry. The real estate market jittery, automobile consumption will take up the responsibility to stimulate domestic demand. read more

Are you still worried about the website operation The 8 step is to teach you how to handle it

When you set out to do

operations, or BOSS leaders will develop a phased operation target for you: to achieve what goals or results in a long time, of course, is not set as the operation of the leadership, we should set a goal to help from the outstanding achievements has been made in the work stage the. In order to complete the website operation goal, we should go through 8 stages, each stage needs us to think carefully, so that we can accomplish the operation goal quickly.

1. familiar with website structure read more