How do you make your code clearer, simpler, and more powerful

this article is extracted from the first chapter of the code of neatness, which is considered one of the books that programmers must read. But the good books not only give you the tools and technology, more is the thinking process, almost Zen, of course, this book is consistent with this definition. This chapter has the least technical elements and is suitable for people in every field.

read this book for two reasons. First, you’re a programmer; second, you want to be a better programmer. Very well. We need better programmers. read more

How to get ahead of the trend of the network to drive web traffic


site itself, whether it is original, collection, or articles collected again after modification to expand the capacity of the website and the amount collected, the purpose of all this is to drive traffic, and when many webmaster every day at the Baidu search rankings, do related keywords of the article. Effect can not always achieve the desired results, at least not in the first page. I’d like to say something about myself. In recent days, Google’s PR update, perhaps in order to help a few friends, the original domain name PR is 3, after the update fell to the pr2. When depressed, even some links also took me away, I don’t know if this keyword ranking influence. But it is estimated that Google ranking will have an impact, specifically, I Google through the past few days to IP most of the less. Today, this is not my point, after all, Google has withdrawn from china. Today I talk about how to get ahead of the Internet trends related keywords, to improve the site traffic ideas. Simple ideas, methods, or rely on everyone to apply. read more

Baidu ranking and Baidu drop the relationship between rights

some time ago, I wrote an article in A5, "how to avoid being dropped by Baidu in the process of optimizing SEO websites". The article details the details of how to avoid being dropped by Baidu in the optimization process. However, recently, I studied SEO optimization and Baidu ranking algorithm, found: Baidu ranking and Baidu drop weight between the existence of a certain relationship.

for example illustrate more clearly: I have such a station, there is a (Baidu keyword index is about 1000), stable ranking in Baidu second pages, no matter how hard I try to optimize, the key is not so bad, the ranking lasted more than half a year, may be due to it was too impatient, increasing optimization efforts, which increased the keywords of the anchor text in a large number of each original article, after a week, the keyword ranking plummeted, no! All the keywords plummeted, home also is down right, the entire station was drop right Baidu. Because I understand the problem for any cause, take a week to a pressing matter of the moment, all to anchor text keywords and articles immediately, without any keyword anchor text to update, a month later, home rehabilitation, more happy is also the keyword rankings to Baidu the first page read more

Blogger’s experience inspire your blog writing

A lot of friends of

station in great enthusiasm, but does the visits back then many webmaster scanty, to blog, write to us bloggers, as long as there is time on the line, not too much can get something, but also know a lot of friends.

But the

blog has a problem with some methods, it is difficult to calm down the habits of many friends said, so today we will talk about how to find inspiration from his blog.

1. check the message on the blog

as the owner of the blog, you need to listen carefully to the voice of every message, they may ask a question you can solve, perhaps they will tell you that they want to know what, there may even follow-up reports they want to see you before an article. read more

Make your website your own sideline

according to my observation and understanding, the individual webmaster who chooses the website to start a business is most of the young people who have just graduated or are still on campus. Not yet own career, but want to have their own career, or out of interest, chose to do a web site to start business.

most of the personal webmaster in technology, experience, energy aspects are very limited, coupled with the fierce competition in the internet. The website venture destined to have a long period which is unknown to the public, most of the owners of the state, if you are in school, with more than learning website, updated articles and so on is very easy. Slowly accumulate, as a student, you are not very dependent on their income, because there is money to spend your home, the site can earn money as pocket money, and even do not make money, out of interest is also very good. But if you have left the campus, it is time to start your own career, you also choose to do poineering work, it is necessary to straighten out its position in life. Many webmaster is left, never learned the language of the web site, from scratch, it was lack of technical experience, starting from the station to the site do success requires a prolonged. read more

Enterprise new network operation team assessment three steps

with the development of the Internet, more and more enterprises begin to carry out network marketing, want to do network marketing is to set up his own team, many business owners don’t understand network marketing, do not know how to manage the network team, not to mention how to check their work. The following machine to share a single Jen information, Xuan Peng teacher’s new formation, operation team assessment, three steps song.

did you do the performance appraisal correctly,


has just set up the team, put all positions in accordance with the importance of drawing coefficient, such as the coefficient of the whole network operations is 1, edit the proportion is 0.3, accounting for 0.2 of promotion, customer service accounted for 0.5, as long as the bonus, everyone according to their coefficient of commission, for example, the boss gave me this month are 10000 departments dollars, the editor accounted for 0.3, with 3000 dollars; promotion accounted for 0.2, with 2000, according to each position made coefficient, but this assessment right read more

Car home and BITAUTO interlocking, are required to trade

China’s car sales are accelerating, according to data released by the China automobile industry association. In 2013, China’s auto sales 21 million 984 thousand and 100, an increase of 13.87%. In 2014, auto sales is expected to reach 24 million, equivalent to the United States, Japan and Germany in 2013 the market scale and! Plus car service, second-hand car, car rental, the market scale reached trillions, in addition to real estate could not find such a "money" industry. The real estate market jittery, automobile consumption will take up the responsibility to stimulate domestic demand. read more

Are you still worried about the website operation The 8 step is to teach you how to handle it!

When you set out to do

operations, or BOSS leaders will develop a phased operation target for you: to achieve what goals or results in a long time, of course, is not set as the operation of the leadership, we should set a goal to help from the outstanding achievements has been made in the work stage the. In order to complete the website operation goal, we should go through 8 stages, each stage needs us to think carefully, so that we can accomplish the operation goal quickly.

1. familiar with website structure read more

Basic process of establishing online store

, Taobao PPG, the forerunner of the market where customers Eslite lit the sparks of fire apparel e-commerce, Liaoyuanzhishi rapid combustion to the whole industry. The rapid development of e-commerce has made the traditional clothing enterprises feel a direct threat, and virtually robbed the mainstream market in the future. Especially brand clothing, want to face all have the spending power of urban white-collar workers, white-collar groups but due to the fast pace of life, almost all day in the global network, and have little time to patronize traditional stores. Clothing enterprises in the face of major user groups, work habits, habits change greatly, almost lost the core competitiveness. The result of this is the loss of the future. Faced with this situation, the best way is not to escape clothing enterprises, but take a positive attitude to participate in it, it may find out the law, so as to recapture the existing market share. read more

Jiang Likun operation promotion strategy of forum community (Part one)

from early September until now, has not written. Is really busy, in September to do a training in the search for the operation manager, and then participated in the Northeast China Internet Conference webmaster. Then push a marketing school line to graduate from work, and help them worry about work together. Eleven, while back home to visit their parents, and then returned to start writing books immediately. This two months feels like a rocket. The whoosh of it came, but also not idle, busy all day long scorched by the flames. read more

Ma Grassland talking about the content and form of Blog

thought of the question, a word of encouragement and encouragement from a friend of mine: "your blog is going to be fine!" (this is a free translation). Before, maybe I didn’t pay much attention to it, because the main network effort was spent on With the Dragon Boat Festival PR update, the forum’s PR value reached 5, and the blog’s PR value has risen to 4. It’s not a small incentive. Therefore, determined to use limited network time to strengthen the construction of these two positions, especially the improvement of blog. The following is a brief talk about the content and form of Blogs: read more

Google Adwords tips how to set your Adwords keyword prices

a lot of people ask me the question, "when you’re looking for a new market, optimizing a new product, how do you set the initial price for the Google Adwords keyword?"

many Affiliate to do so: when they run a new Google Adwords campaign, they set a very low price keywords, because they are afraid to lose even pants are not


, that’s a huge mistake,



Xiao Zhang found a hot market, and he began to promote the product with Google Adwords. He sets up a related Adwords ad group that consumes one afternoon to study keywords. Finally, he runs the Adwords ad series, setting the keyword price of 0.10$. He thought: "when customers buy products, I begin to make money, I will raise the key words price.". I can’t put my pants are lost! " read more

Analysis and comparison of BITAUTO love card network

research background

automotive website is a large flow of Web site direction, general PV traffic is very high.

currently has two types, one is for the portal site sub channels appear, one is as an independent website, appear as the sub channel is often some of the big portal, a type of car subdivision independent website, also has a comprehensive bus station.

research purposes

choose some car website as the research site, the website content construction, website promotion, product function analysis, comparison and choice in several directions of automobile research search engine keyword analysis, analysis of these types of cars is mainly from what keywords. read more

Local home improvement industry portal operating line activities is the key

this Internet entrepreneur (stationmaster) general assembly, Xianning hot line regards Xianning area as the only special guest unit to attend a meeting, real feeling feels honoured times. At the meeting, Internet entrepreneurs from all over the country shared their real experience without reservation. For the webmaster of these small cities, we really benefited greatly. Especially the local vertical industry portal this one, many Montana have come up with their own means. The author analyzes several key current domestic local vertical industry, real estate, home, marriage, cars, travel, personnel of these industry profit model is relatively straightforward, operation methods also have a copy of the place, and thus become the focus of competition for the local area, so the author today to discuss with you the operation method. Local Jiezhuang industry portal. read more

APP operations how to find target users, improve retention

for start-ups, when a product starts operations at the beginning, if there can be explosive growth, dreaming will laugh. Although it is difficult, if you can have a good start, who do not want to draw the cake bigger, have a more healthy business blueprint to become the industry benchmark, then the next question is how to keep users. This article will analyze how the start-up company does the operation from two aspects: how to find the target users and how to retain the users.

product growth: find accurate target users read more

How to do a monthly income of over million County Talent Network

I contact network 3 years operation, talent network for 3 years, from scratch, from there to the food and clothing, from food and clothing to the well-off, has reached a monthly income of 5000, of course, is the average, website operators like business, is also a season of points. Summary from the local situation, the annual 2, 3 and April is the peak season, 5 and June is the off-season, 7 and August is another small climax, 9, 10 and November in general, December and second January is off-season. Said above is to tell everyone, do anything serious, to study, to explore and grasp the law, we adjust the marketing idea, make the off-season, the season more prosperous, so thousand not far behind. Thousand Funing talent network goals and directions for the next two years. One cannot live without money, but without money, one cannot live. So we are not so great, to do selfless dedication, talent collection of high-level members of the cost is reasonable, but also for the majority of enterprises accepted. The key is that your website is popular, enterprises in your website can recruit people, as long as they can recruit people, money is not a problem. read more

B2B’s profit model and company architecture

The author has published in the

before the "bright future" B2B vertical portals, in that article a detailed interpretation of the prospect of ideas for the operation of B2B website, here but more elaborate, today want to share with you is B2B website profit model and the structure of the company. We hope to help,.

, first look at Wei Zhe four points of view, interpret B2B:

1 and B2B can not be understood as businessmen to businessmen, should be understood as businessmen to businessmen. It’s hard for you to get an enterprise to come to your website every day, but you can have a businessman come to your site every day. read more

Added after the net long arm webmaster please carefully make a station

: "the net long arm carefully do Webmaster Station" actually I took a very important thing to me because I am missing, what comes to my head, here will explain my family problems, move CP platform, doodle platform, MOP SMS alliance, also is that the closing time, the cause of all. What is known in it must be said, not to say, they know, and suffer from flesh.


after squat network supervisor branch about 10 days or so, should I offer my superior cooperation contact and payment account information, my QQ classification is very clear (when there is no phone contact, is QQ), also they know my QQ password, but they have not been finally catch me not to know. read more

How can the group buying model be profitable and attract investment

buy class website in 2011 after a blowout development, in 2012, it entered the "year of life and death"". Currently, buy site differentiation two increasingly serious, one side continues to be sought after by the capital, while the collapse is facing financing shortage. Group purchase reshuffle soon, this article from the investor’s point of view to analyze the future industry group purchase is going to develop? It’s value and profit model can get rid of the burn by way of self revolution to achieve breakthrough innovation read more