Six pages on the phenomenon of love Shanghai is what reason

when you update a lot of content, ask what are included in 6 pages of content? Really fantastic, this is how it is, when you first find the problem, you might think that the love of Shanghai has convulsions, imagine, if so, why love Shanghai convulsions, others your website is very normal, and your website showed just 6 page

The six page

1, find related results of 61.

NO4: the old station does not appear this problem

NO3: love Shanghai to promote statistical products

is in Shanghai to promote the new product: love it, love Shanghai statistics, using this method, it is not "the number is estimated, the site administrator for more accurate included quantity, please use the love Shanghai statistics." This sentence tips. read more

The basic idea of the Internet platform to optimize the layout of the Shanghai Dragon

search engine to identify the picture capture content, if you want to use a picture form of words to remember each picture to add ALT tags, add the alt attribute to what is described in the picture, to the search engine better recognition and grasp.

5 platform, site home page should minimize the big picture, JS, flash, try not to use the iframe framework, so as to avoid the spider trap, not the number of important content or links in the inside, including JS>

manifestation: the home channel page page 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/tejiashangping/2106729.html read more

Great thoughts on China’s network video industry in 2007Qihoo notice July Commission return the list

streaming video vendors rise, VS venture capitalists focus on

according to my understanding, the current video industry includes sharing website to mimic YouTube mode video and P2P technology as the core of video viewing platform two, two sites belong to the field of video, but the business model and development direction be quite different. The former mainly imitate YouTube in successful operation mode to achieve the convenience of the ocean, leading users of humanity sharing platform, I will call it the field of video C2C, currently representing tudou, I le 56, 6 room, green entertainment. read more

Day IP10000+ Some tips for blogging for novices

I don’t understand why so many people still have to do a website, blog, because now WeChat’s public number is so popular, more opportunities to make money than a website, let alone almost no money blog. As far as the work experience is concerned, the micro signals will be contacted by the company. At least 1000 of the articles will be issued by the company. I have some understanding, a group of stick to the voice of the old webmaster. Years of insistence has become a habit, even for reasons of livelihood and other reasons, more or less doing other work, such as the public number of operations, but also customary to go to an article every day. Or more old waves fought, Sina’s successor. Here, give new people some suggestions, hope to work together, persist, and then succeed. read more

Unique music tribe website planning book

looking for resources: China Adsense Station – icon, station emblem, picture material.

large professional website: love music forum in the music forum Songtaste 100 lotus pictures.

alternative music: for example, foreign folk songs – Scotland, Georgia, Russia, Africa, strike primitive music.

site color: Black – silver grey – light blue

features: the only feature of the place, to keep visitors, only to find he (she) who love interest, or be able to play to show themselves where they will be back, such as graffiti, let everyone share their song, the mood process, their own resources to vote. Find some of their favorable things such as software set members to download, such as computer in the "classic" visual images…… read more

How to maintain the consistency of visual design of commodity websites

‘s consistency in design (uniformity) is an important part of web design that allows your design to communicate effectively without causing confusion or anxiety. An effective way to ensure consistency is to write formal design style standards documents, commonly known as visual specifications. This document specifies the design guidelines that must be followed in the graphical user interface design of a product or series of products. By following these guidelines, keeping the visual elements in the same size and size will help make these elements easier to assemble into a new design when you need them. read more