Great thoughts on China’s network video industry in 2007Qihoo notice July Commission return the list

streaming video vendors rise, VS venture capitalists focus on according to my understanding, the current video industry includes sharing website to mimic YouTube mode video and P2P technology as the core of video viewing platform two, two sites belong to the field of video, but the business model and development direction be quite different. The […]

Day IP10000+ Some tips for blogging for novices

I don’t understand why so many people still have to do a website, blog, because now WeChat’s public number is so popular, more opportunities to make money than a website, let alone almost no money blog. As far as the work experience is concerned, the micro signals will be contacted by the company. At least […]

Unique music tribe website planning book

looking for resources: China Adsense Station – icon, station emblem, picture material. large professional website: love music forum in the music forum Songtaste 100 lotus pictures. alternative music: for example, foreign folk songs – Scotland, Georgia, Russia, Africa, strike primitive music. site color: Black – silver grey – light blue features: the only feature of […]