mprove the website P method section

to improve the website IP method chapter, I have an absolutely novel traffic method, no cost, not hang QQ, not for bidding,

doesn’t go to any forums, chat rooms, Baidu knows, lead people in,

is not doing N stations, blogs and the like, and then do the connection, that will only be exhausted

my simple operation is not tired, the effect is very good, one and a half hours, this half hour is not hard work, high quality IP more than 5000 Paul you every day,

does this for 10 days to bring 1000IP traffic per day from search engines, read more

Hospital network consulting how to analyze and judge customers

recently encountered some problems, the Advisory departments and marketing departments uncoordinated, the two sides accused each other:

we brought traffic, why has the consultation volume been down


what kind of traffic do you bring? You don’t even have to call.

, that’s your consultant’s problem. Why can’t you keep users?

fundamentally, your traffic is not the target user,



because of my contact with the consultants more, but also for the consulting department understand that some consultant told me that: the user’s intention is not clear, East pull West asked that question, we asked the confused, can not find the key point, confused, we do not know whether to explain the user clearly, users may be more confused, until the last possible one has the intention of the user will be lost. read more

Google domain name cannot be parsed normally but can be accessed with P

just heard his friend say Google can not access, first startled, but later used his student 114 ( on the link to visit, really can not access. And then directly enter the URL access, or still can not access. Then I think Google is really having a problem.


Google server is made by itself and is distributed all over the world, responsive to millions of visits per day. Unique lines, even if some server problems, it will not affect the normal use of users. I think the Google server is unlikely to have a problem (hardware). Then think about it. Maybe there’s something wrong with the software. Maybe it’s bug or something. Because the possibility of Google servers being attacked is very small. read more

Grassroots station operators can not be ignored in the site interaction with visitors

for grassroots Adsense, the word "grassroots webmaster" contains not only the Internet entrepreneurial dream, but also full of entrepreneurial road hardships. Grassroots webmaster is often very hard, they may need to complete a team of their own work required. Need to optimize the code, content editing, the construction of the chain, and so on. According to the author observed that many grassroots Adsense will work center all the tedious work, but ignore the interaction with the visitors to the site, the site after the stage or no improvement, luluwuwei. In fact, the interaction with visitors in the operation of the site is a key link can not be ignored. Missing this ring will cause the site to stagnate. Below the author for grassroots AdSense and visitors interactive question, share some of their views. read more