5000 people over the cattle years, Ma intended what

"recruiting 5000 people in 2009" means that by the end of the year, the human resources of the Alibaba group will increase by almost 45% on the basis of the existing size of 12 thousand people. Alibaba group recently disclosed its expansion plan in 2009. clearly, the helm of Ma Yun’s "cattle year" strategy, in […]

Improve the website IP method section

to improve the website IP method chapter, I have an absolutely novel traffic method, no cost, not hang QQ, not for bidding, doesn’t go to any forums, chat rooms, Baidu knows, lead people in, is not doing N stations, blogs and the like, and then do the connection, that will only be exhausted my simple […]

Hospital network consulting, how to analyze and judge customers

recently encountered some problems, the Advisory departments and marketing departments uncoordinated, the two sides accused each other: we brought traffic, why has the consultation volume been down ? what kind of traffic do you bring? You don’t even have to call. , that’s your consultant’s problem. Why can’t you keep users? fundamentally, your traffic is […]