Shanghai dragon Er grassroots feelings

I have saved a few good books are about Shanghai dragon, the number is not large, with their barely a pseudo Shanghai Longfeng bar, ha ha maybe even the pseudo Shanghai dragon Er are not. Occasionally will make the door a few prompted by a sudden impulse, others say something rotten in embellish, started writing. Ha ha · · · once in front of the computer for a whole day, how many had a night exposed to wind and rain in the bedroom, roommates already sleep I still get that broken my station. Sometimes in the middle of the night when self praise. See how much I have learned from the young Shanghai dragon, began a series of emotion, the Shanghai dragon Er can be compared with me, but I am completely self-taught. The 90 generation rookie, so boasting, self appreciation, but that is when I use Adsense tools to check their rankings when they were trapped in endless inferiority. How long will this continue, we this group of Shanghai dragon Er are always in pseudo floating, but few waft to become a master. This inadvertently became another kind of pain. You do no good, not cattle recognized, big embarrassed. Famous depression plagued > read more

The domain name industry is very good and the industry problems are very common

The first

Chinese domain meeting has been in Beijing in June 4th ended, the general assembly to "regulation, innovation and development" as the theme, has attracted much attention from domestic and international Internet, attracted many Internet experts and elites and enthusiasts to participate in the domain name. The conference discussed the current situation and development of China’s domain name industry from the point of view of the current problems and the future direction of development, the conference pointed out that China’s domain name industry has begun to take shape, A new force suddenly rises. in the Internet field, has attracted worldwide attention. read more

The story behind NetEase’s boutique products three levels of content management

this is a scene from the subway line one in Hangzhou. Taking the subway is a long process, and sometimes it makes one’s habitual head empty. But in March 20th, when everyone walked into the subway, many people stopped to take a look at everything on the subway. Instant set off a burst of "NetEase red."".

NetEase cloud music chose some comments, showing them in the Hangzhou subway, it caused the forwarded circle of friends, many people may think this is a marketing activities, but in fact it is the accumulation and precipitation of NetEase cloud music content operation for many years. What really touches everyone on this train is the warm text and creates a common feeling, which is the core of the content operation. read more

Be about to enter university, prospective wants to do website operation, how to avoid detours

some time ago and a year preparing for the college entrance examination buddy talked a lot, he is in the future want to engage in Internet operations work, but do not know how to fill volunteer, some problems and future in school how to learn, what is the first Yang heart admire this a buddy, such a small age of ideas planning for the future so clear. The second is the process of chatting I feel him questions is very popular, so want to get into an article to express their views, in addition to site operators occupation career planning, still want more with a summary of lessons to the confused but the very idea. Some suggestions for reliable partners. read more

Discussion on the importance of internal optimization of e-commerce websites from user experience

some time ago a friend recommended an e-commerce site, mainly to sell some of the best-selling book, snacks, and other daily necessities, the site promises in the distribution range of one hour of arrival today, experience again, but found that the electronic commerce website has been lacking in the user experience, here by comparing with the Jingdong of the mall, for everyone look, please pay attention to the webmaster, and avoid in their own website.

1, the home page of website, the website overall color is light green, may be related to thrift, low carbon, green service concept, originally green will make the eyes comfortable, but that a row of red on the left and to the overall classification by points, make the page look messy, although each electricity supplier website will show a lot of goods, but the color is not uniform, will make the page more dazzling: read more

Website to develop long-term goals, content is king

1, background

2007, I experienced a bitter history of entrepreneurship network for half a year following a boss, finally ended in failure, parting, and more than 2000 of the wages to the boss did not give me. (later, the phone, I said to him: when one day you ask me to drink the stage a comeback on the line.) to rent where, I suddenly felt a relief, half a year free. Depressed low-cost venture too hard.

a few days later to see some talent network recruitment, there is no suitable position. I this person, you don’t really find work as an editor for me is a pediatrician, do art and a little headache, you don’t have the ability to do technology, website planning, lack of experience, SEO, technology deep, I was such a " door; understand everything plague " people. You say; for what? (there was a petroleum trade company online sales job I feel very suitable for me. Then, I give myself a hint) " I simply start their own businesses, I want to start empty-handed ". read more

Category information network convenience is the key, user precipitation is fundamental

Internet industry segmentation and the increasing demand for localization information of Internet users have brought opportunities for the development of classified information network. The reduction of the site threshold also makes more and more small and medium-sized classified information websites springing up in big and small cities at all levels. Although the huge localized information demand, classified information website emphasizes the local market, but many small and medium-sized site is still facing the industry increasingly fierce competition, but do not have the core competitiveness and profit model of embarrassment. Especially the municipalities and provincial capitals and some economically developed city, the market has been the 58 city Ganji, these large classified information websites, and some of the two or three lines of the city 58 city and Ganji have also started to set up small and medium substation, classified information website if you can not find a suitable operation strategy will be difficult to sustain. read more