The right way to handle the website chain

, a chain   >   The processing method of the other is Jinhua Jinhua webmaster tools, webmaster tools, although there is no Xenu check the dead links so professional, but for the website chain inspection precision. If this is the first time to use Jinhua webmaster tools to check the website links, webmaster or […]

Novice Adsense do eight don’t do

I have made a lot of mistakes in website construction, and I have made some mistakes. Fortunately, there are friends who do stand and many users pointing, avoid many unnecessary detours. Free taste not only drink fruit, not only happy card. Today, with the vast number of new personal web site owners talk about their […]

Compare the differences between GVOD and QVOD

know why QVOD fire, 1: can quickly make the film deposition of resources and realizing rapid watch 2: no competition risk 3: a lot of ethical resources for the use of its products website (direct point that is A) which is the most important point. today to see GVOD looking for propagandist I joined the […]