Sun, I do station experience novice must see

has been in touch with computers and networks for a long time. But before I just play the game to watch the news, read the news also can be regarded as a business, but to play the game what is not good, now the most in my life is not the time to play the game I was crazy game, regret being young and inexperienced…

I repent

until last summer, I do not use the Internet, so I only use factor of the network is not good, but by playing games for a living, but we have not reached that level… So I opened a small shop in Taobao, when Taobao can hardly brush reputation, such stores want to do is really too difficult, or not what improvement, keep going by painstaking effort, in which not out to show oneself… read more

Shaoxing Sunshine Network Some Reflections on local communities

started business in 04 years and made local websites and has been doing it today. In the last three years, I have done other things. I have been concentrating on the local community for the last 6 years. I have done a simple summary before, and I can click here to see it. Along the way, toss something enough, too many to count the mistakes always want to system, do a summary, but always thought too scattered, want to write too much to write. Recently, the website is ready for revision, because the changes are relatively large, so I can’t think of any more delays, how many or more can I write and discuss with my colleagues. read more

The ads for alimama were blocked by Baidu, a five year site

            I have a set of five years website business platform, although there has been no intention to do the operation, but the amount of data is still there, the chain is also very much. Half a month before seven pm or so, suddenly blocked by Baidu. Have a nice day to hacker attacks, he said he called Baidu inside technology letter, if you want to release also money today have time to stop and think, Baidu should not be black to such an extent that inside the chaos to the technician can at any time and place the sealing station station, then in accordance with the station my current situation, it will not suddenly blocked ah, after all, many outside the chain, the contents of health, how is a business platform, and the time has been five years, and never intended to go to SEO, then what is the reason to be sealed, and Baidu recently read online Mutual ban Ali, my estimate is probably put adverstising, and takes up a lot of space, so blocked Baidu, Baidu after all day over more than 30000 IP, today I put all the advertising Ali are put down, there is no way to leave Baidu website is very sad, my website now one day less than one thousand IP, while enjoying the Ali group’s work style, but the flow of the first, for a station, it means that there is a flow of income ah, do not know Baidu will re release out, generally how long it will take, worth paying attention to read more

Look at the development of grass roots webmaster from another angle

recently, hot, dry, the mother’s body was sick for a day to the hospital, I back home, relatives and friends who have come to visit, all kinds of drinks, tonic bags filled with bedside. Aunt is not sure where to get 7 chickens to come, after a day of lively greeting, life returned to the original calm.

then remembered that a few chickens, chicken coops opened a look, two dead and two down, the other three only a small mouth, forcibly gasped, too bad. The father said to be caused by hot days, I immediately rushed to put out the chicken coop, and put some water and food. The two dead chickens away, two dying not dead, not to waste food. A big pot of chicken soup pot, the whole family to share, the remaining three only (a two parent) is resigned. read more

How to aggregate terminal information, merge text and pictures, help website development

in site operation is not only the text content rich, more important is it will be pictures and text content of the site allows users to enter into, after the website not only see the text content of the site so as to produce fatigue. A website wants to progress, we also need to from the website of various aspects of the website text and pictures to digest, then what is the specific practice?

?The logo and title of the

site are against each other

made the website friends all know, logo site is the site of the banner, to a large extent the website logo can promote and enhance the quality of the user memory site, and our website title is the original power to attract users to access the site, logo and title of the site to site together user memory live website, found that the next time the site of the phenomenon, we must adopt the following methods: read more

Improve local talent network, enterprise and talent matching rate four means

    local talent website has become the center of institutions and job candidates, but with the continuous development of network talents, when the reality of institutions more and more in the selection of staff over emphasis on job seekers resume information, education information, family background, this leads to a lot of talent people can not get the right position, and many institutions due to too much emphasis on the surface and missed the precious talent. Employing organizations and personnel matched low probability, low success rate in the face of this situation, the author carried out four major reform of their talent network, through the reform of the site after the "matching rate improved, here to share some of my steps. read more

Customized gifts are an important part of Witkey mode

1, recently the pig into the custom personalized gifts in this market that attracted you borrow my own blog There were many discussions., a brief talk about the reason, but also save everyone guessing.

2, let’s talk about the results. I heard most of the voices that were opposed since the news of the pig’s personalized entry. Opponents point of view is the current business, Witkey task reward is not ready, do custom gifts are worthless. But what I want to say is that customized gifts are a very important part of Witkey mode. read more

20 days IP experience from 200 to 1000

statement: I am more dishes, belong to eat exclusively by Baidu, this paper also belongs to soft, but somewhat useful, if you are the master did not need to see it, this is the first time to write soft text in Admin5, is also the first time I write soft, feel a little hope for the top, top to go home the boss can add a map. Wang Jing, a top up.

first make a map to increase your enthusiasm for reading:

IP change:

2008-9-20 (Saturday) 3562.3%, 1261, 1.5%

2008-9-21 (Sunday) 3492.2%, 1249, 1.5% read more

Analysis of local sourcing website, how to find their lasting impetus

When the

website ranking stable in an ideal position, profit model has been ripe, the next station to do? This is actually much confusion, including me, because when we ran a goal had a sense of direction, have goals, do what feels really good. However, when the site development to a certain extent, we do not need to keep it every day when we seem to have lost power, don’t know what to do, but I can’t rest, lest they temporarily relax to the opponent an opportunity. In fact, this is the bottleneck of the development of the site, this time everything seems beautiful, but full of uncertainty, and we have to do at this time is actually very simple, is to find the eternal power of website development. read more

Let video site pages to seize Baidu long tail keywords ranking

this is a method that my moonseo Research Center YY open class, because their class is free, open class is only in passing, but some things on their own grasp is very valuable, their founder mentioned to the flow of the video when introduce their web traffic sources. Just let it, see the page, what video brings, then quickly jumped, after I study and practice have found the feasibility of this approach, there are now many websites through this method as auxiliary promotion, specific methods described below under. read more

Category information network convenience is the key, user precipitation is fundamental

Internet industry segmentation and the increasing demand for localization information of Internet users have brought opportunities for the development of classified information network. The reduction of the site threshold also makes more and more small and medium-sized classified information websites springing up in big and small cities at all levels. Although the huge localized information demand, classified information website emphasizes the local market, but many small and medium-sized site is still facing the industry increasingly fierce competition, but do not have the core competitiveness and profit model of embarrassment. Especially the municipalities and provincial capitals and some economically developed city, the market has been the 58 city Ganji, these large classified information websites, and some of the two or three lines of the city 58 city and Ganji have also started to set up small and medium substation, classified information website if you can not find a suitable operation strategy will be difficult to sustain. read more

Analysis of influencing factors of scoring system or two dimensional evaluation in evaluation system

[core prompt] what kind of evaluation method should be adopted for different types of evaluation objects?

in social, application download and business class website, often can see all kinds of evaluation system. They are the object of evaluation is different, such as watercress evaluation is to music, books and movies, Taobao’s evaluation is purchased for customer goods, evaluation of pea pods is for the user to download the App. But generally speaking, there are mainly two kinds of evaluation methods, such as scoring evaluation and two-dimensional evaluation (such as likes / dislikes, top / step, approval / opposition, etc.). read more

Luo Qi how to break the bottleneck of the development of occupation of network editing

network, the network editor, web content builder, through the information network collection, classification, editing, review, and then released to the worldwide Internet users through the Internet, and through the network from Internet users receive feedback information, interact. Network editor, related professional knowledge and modern information technology, such as computer and network, engaged in the construction of Internet website content, responsible for website news professionalism, quality and browsing (UV and PV). Network editor as a new occupation of the Internet era, for the first time in 2006 was included in the national occupation ceremony, according to statistics, at present our country is engaged in the network editing staff has reached 3 million people, far more than the number of traditional media editorial of the newspaper, but also increase Everfount. read more

Adsense service type website how to use soft text marketing promotion

network promotion topic no matter how it is still a commonplace talk of an old scholar hot discussion, the type of service here and push media network and we exchange website (IDC, webmaster software alliance, etc.) should be how to use soft Wen promotion. As we all know, there are two main channels for network promotion: hard wide and soft wide. Hard on the Internet is the advertising picture we usually see about products and services. General in the promotion before, to clarify their target customers, such as webmaster service type website face customer groups is the main station, in the process of promoting the first choice gathered in all kinds of webmasters place to do promotion, such as webmaster webmaster forum Webmaster Tools stand up information meter of various websites, such as the better known as A5 stationmaster net, can do hard wide publicity in the above, through hard Guangneng bring more attention to the site and volume. read more

How to play the value of power website reprint articles be promoted step by step


since Baidu through a series of algorithm shows the importance of the original content, personal websites have deviated from the copy line, go on the original road, but by observing the long time we can find most of the original content of personal websites are not compliance of the original, or is interrupted or re inserted into the content keywords, only 100-300, this text put content together to


in fact, as a personal station grow up, you do not have to reprint the value of a shot killed, reprinted articles can also help the website to get the search engine friendly. Pay attention to domestic news of the webmaster friends will find a lot of news content of Phoenix Tencent, Sohu, Sina, the portal is similar or the same, but the content of the title is included but each one has its own merits, are very good, and this is called the reprint value. read more

Email marketing process of the golden rule – optimize user experience chapter

in the Email marketing process, as long as the enterprise follows the following three elements for fine operation, will be in the user experience to get good results:

1, integration:

According to a survey by

, a well-known consulting research firm, Jupiter, the future of email marketing will be fully integrated and coordinated with other data and channels. Email mail, which has accurate positioning and uses other data, is 4 times more effective than the podcast strategy. Because it emphasizes the concept of participation. Through the integration of email and other marketing strategies, marketers can fully understand customer needs to strengthen the relevance and participation. That’s the secret of cultivating loyal customers. read more

A brief discussion on the operation of regional forums in the context of O2O

since 2000, the forum as a form of Internet, it carries China around the Internet users to obtain the corresponding network information, information dissemination, information exchange and other actions, the development until now, although China Internet forum users and activity from the overall perspective are not as good as before, but China still has a regional Development Forum good, such as broadband mountain forum, Xicihutong, Tianfu community etc.. With the advent of O2O era and 2013 hot background, regional forums as closer to the local potential consumers than the portal website and other sites, is bound to change with the O2O tide of the operational aspects of the forum, have a greater chance of profit practice. Below the author on the O2O background Regional Forum operation, expounds some personal views. read more

Baidu included also useless

first began to do stand, think that as long as the Baidu included, will flow to Everfount, is actually wrong, although in the previous article said that my station soon was collected, but did not seem to be what improvement, from Baidu to put out now, is today and recorded 5 this article, also should not put out previously included, but the flow is basically no change in the flow of for basic zero.

after thinking, are not such a thing, summed up, because it is my chosen keywords too casual too big, although early look at the word man on Baidu in the front row are some two or three pages, feel the competitiveness should not, according to some online to see the tutorial, I made about title, keyword frequency is just good, but why Baidu is now included in the Baidu hand even seventy-fifth pages are not ranked on? I read some pages no such keywords man ah, hope that the master can tell me. read more

Jiangxi Health Network ten years of dreams come true.

  I am Hyun Fai, about his net ten years of dribs and drabs, and on the Internet business feelings.

ten years seems like a dream, life only. Ten years ago, I harbored a strong interest in the Internet into this bottomless pit, resolute heart, so I never regretted. An inexperienced webmaster in the growing practice, fail to climb up, I once again remind ourselves, insist on is victory.

from the homepage to the flashy without substance, a variety of content of the forum, to Everything is contained therein. local portal evolution, one after another, I have experienced different pain and suffering. A huge site, just a person to success, it is difficult to go to the blue sky. read more

Explore the reasons for the increasing popularity of plagiarism collection stations

Baidu to start copying collection station of a series of severe blow from June, but recently I found a copy of the site has not been collected in the fight against K, ranking also more and more high, what is the reason for copying acquisition station also has ranked stable? Let us see a few screenshot, confirm the site for copying collection station.

article content is all plagiarism collection, in which the most A5 collection, and this is why I found the site, and then we’ll look at the flow of this site and included. read more