Shanghai dragon 2 who said that Meta had no use

!Brief show

yes, to do let users save two clicks, the user is to directly obtain the answers to the questions in the back page of search engine, and do this, we must work hard in the title and description of Meta! Is the noble baby has can grab the text back to the users search, but it is just the machine. Grab fragment is probably not users want to answer! We have to do is as far as possible in less than one hundred words of space to show the user what he wants most answer! It’s up to you to each page for the site of the title has been carefully set up good description.

that you can’t change, but these are just on the one hand, we still have to do the work of the share induction

OK, the search engine’s socialization has become an inevitable trend. But how to guide this share? In fact, China, let users share is a very difficult thing, because I am lazy! To tell you the truth, SNS, and micro-blog in addition to pop in some Geeks and so-called white-collar workers, people seldom. Another is the characteristics of Chinese people is not selfish, never do. A good article, a good website, what’s the use, I copied from my collection, I will only me, why help you send advertising


combined with the trend of the search we can output, the site will eventually change trend. Now the domestic is still keen on large, collect, copy, and quantity! If you often turn on


as for search results, can reflect the quality of the website at what level, is unknown, but we can try to make this brief show more directly! Remember Yahoo Direct, it shows the answer questions directly normal function, with two users click save. This is what we need to consider whether the baby! Noble +1, or Bing or Yahoo preview, Direct, or Soso to share, we want to obtain the benefits from these new trends, to improve their website for user experience, here a few days off before we returned to the Meta Description and the Title the discussion. Shanghai dragon theory is not right and wrong, because people know is different. Meta said the information is no longer important, but with the search of the latest trends, Meta has become a symbol of

noble baby in the search results of +1, Bing add social search button in the preview, and love in Shanghai China or the boss! Youdao is Ding Lei accessories as in the past; more and more attention SOSO, whether or yaosibuhuo, do not know why not force in search of Tencent. Still in the copy of this, this copy is the nobility of the baby +Bing ideas, in the search results add share button, the results can be shared by several mainstream social networking sites, including their own space, friends, micro-blog, and Sina micro-blog and everyone, open heart, see below:

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