A5 marketing [operation and optimization of real estate network] Note

first, the selection of domain name, if you do a "city" type of website, recommended to choose: local area code, or abbreviated Pinyin type COM domain name, domain name as the preferred site. If it is a relatively weak competitiveness of the county real estate network "," sub domain "can be used to optimize and expand this for days after the business, such as real estate, from the" county "into the" municipal "property; at the same time:

is also a very common problem, try to reduce the low quality of the station page, as pictured above, is a real estate network of "economic man" and the content page, then do a shield, no spiders or increase the index, such as: "broker referral >

second: home page advertising,

we recommend using a "Web" domain name is the best, and not independent separate sub domain optimization;

real estate network, to a small town, a large province, a network of real estate, tens and even hundreds of real estate network competition in a certain area of the key. A5 itself has also done a lot of real estate marketing network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis customer case, today A5 (贵族宝贝admin5.cn) to do some marketing share for these cases, what are the optimal points that should be paid attention to real estate site type





is a typical real estate web page the first page screenshots, but also is only a part; what is it we want to say? Advertising, all is the fundamental survival for any website, but also the key to the operation; but note: to avoid that, try to avoid using flash flash you can use the static, dynamic pictures, pictures, do not try to use pictures as for compression, image compression; Objective: to reduce the size of the home page. Because the home is too large, will increase the burden of reducing trust spiders index, index, lower frequency, and even affect the internal included new content, and ultimately affect the site’s ranking; at the same time note: the use of advertising, if the link page picture, adding the ALT attribute for the link if the link outside the station. Then the shield shielding properties;

third, the low quality of page processing,


some real estate network, such as: new houses, second-hand housing, rental housing, such domain independent optimization, the use of "sub domain" in the form of the link is necessary? Unless your company staff special foot, otherwise it is to give yourself the trouble, you know: once the sub domain name, search the engine has it as another new site to treat, so we need more time to carry out maintenance and promotion; if not the local real estate network competition is particularly fierce, for example:

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