Shanghai Longfeng beginners learn step of four stability follow this idea

learning: why to study Shanghai dragon

before the study of Shanghai dragon, you can ask yourself why you want to learn Shanghai dragon? Especially for beginners or never had contact with Shanghai dragon friends, must first be clear what is the significance of Shanghai dragon? What is Shanghai dragon is what keywords?? what is the original and pseudo original what? Is the URL link and the reverse link? What is called a dead link website? And what is the sandbox effect? What is called a web 301 redirect? What I more is not to point out, slowly understand, he will have nothing to. In our study the way Shanghai dragon in the process, these unknown "essential?". None of these "?", how do you know what is the Shanghai dragon?? right? So to understand so many Shanghai based Phoenix after appropriate can see some of the better Shanghai dragon website, you can learn a lot from Shanghai, you can go to learn about the Dragon why, personal feel yes, in the home there is a lot of knowledge to explain in Shanghai dragon. In understanding the basis of Shanghai Longfeng later on to the next step.

when we will surely understand many basic concepts in Shanghai dragon in the learning process, in the process sometimes will have some doubts on Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng learning why to learn Shanghai dragon? Why do we need Links? Why correlation links? Why do as little as possible flash navigation? To know and so on the most basic problem we can produce many topics come out. Analysis of key words in often need to analyze competitors, Shanghai Longfeng practice process, then we head must be? Why rival ranking will be in front of their keywords? Why do not go up in the website? Observe every day, there will be what snapshot stop? Why included reduced when so? More >

learning ideas two: Shanghai Shanghai dragon the dragon is what

Shanghai dragon of

will first look at the person of this article, the vast majority are Shanghai dragon beginners, are bent on learning website optimization, optimization of Shanghai dragon lovers. So also is a small step by step, more or less have a little bit of understanding for those beginners mind, little wear every day I often go to some of the better learning website, (Chinaz, A5) to their Shanghai Long Fengzhi road constantly charging, so little wear today to share with everyone for Shanghai dragon learning step of four stability follow this line of thinking, learning Shanghai Longfeng daily steps have not stopped. Today the Shanghai dragon learning to do a little summary; write about how new learning Shanghai dragon, but after longer combined with the practice do not know who said every one of doing things? Is now think very reasonable. Then we these beginners in learning Shanghai dragon can also be to follow this idea. Because no matter what you do, that ideas are interlinked.

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