Teach you how to do outside the chain of e-books.

;Wikipedia Conclusion: We determined the

2. is the most difficult to pass the audit, and the editors accustomed to Chinese. Wikipedia reference links must be authoritative website, or basic is unable to pass, and the site layout, speed, editing format for domestic hard habit, we do not recommend editing, The loss outweighs the gain.;

1. Interactive Encyclopedia most likely, almost no difficulty, but the Interactive Encyclopedia chain is not working, love Shanghai is crawling to

3. love Shanghai Encyclopedia of moderate difficulty, and now the reference link is the anchor text link, the keywords ranking the most helpful, as long as the control of each site every day issued the number and distribution of frequency and editing skills, not difficult to pass, is the chain of good payment; < / p>


well, we come now to teach you how to make Wikipedia soso get outside the chain of high quality:

in the four encyclopedia website, we should do the chain wiki is soso Wikipedia and Encyclopedia of love Shanghai, we spend a good effort in these 2 sites.

. Edit entries:

4. search Wikipedia, the site weight high, the chain links, high weight, as long as the attention of some local editors is easier to pass, is a good chain payment.

"content is king, the chain for emperor", perhaps the time has passed, but there is no doubt that no matter how changes of the chain the importance of a website is self-evident, perhaps, with love Shanghai algorithm update its importance compared with the previous, reduced, but also can not influence from simply shake it to a website ranking, weight.

1. search Wikipedia edit entries, best not to edit in the existing entries, because the editor in the existing entries, this entry will love Shanghai snapshot speed is relatively slow, and even have to wait a month or more, that is to say you may edit the link to your site. But it takes 1 months or more can be included this link to you, The loss outweighs the gain. Of course, your website is not to follow the development of editing, see your own view;

four Wikipedia websites (love Shanghai encyclopedia, search encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia, Wikipedia), has been issued site outside the chain of the holy land, and after I practice and summed up the Wikipedia website constantly, constantly editing entries, give you a summary of the ease of standing outside the chain in the encyclopedia network:

2. select entries created, this entry successfully created basically on the same day to day included, increase your site outside the chain. So how to determine the editor? We all know the relative to love Shanghai encyclopedia Wikipedia site in the entry of more perfect and more standardized, so we can use the existing love Shanghai encyclopedia entries >

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